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Jul 18, 2024, 03:39:01 AM

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Custody Changed still have Past Child Support Due

Started by swilloug, Apr 13, 2005, 07:28:15 AM

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My husband now has residental custody of his son (since Dec).  BM is now ordered to pay CS.  My husband still has past support due.

Currently there are two court orders in two different counties.  She moved several years ago out of the county we live in.  We just paid off (in fact yesterday) one of the orders since my husband was going to be put in jail if he didn't pay it or him and BM agree to settlement (ya, right).  So now that leave our county back support to deal with.

Our plan was to pay the support that BM paid back in to his past obligations, but of course we have not received a payment yet so she is in arrears now (and who knows if she will use the $940 I just mailed to pay for the last almost 4 months).

My question is will they enforce her to pay the current support with my husband having past due support still owed?  We are in Missouri and the case has moved back into our county since SS lives with us now.

Thank you for any assistance you can provide.


Why don't you call and ask the question?

Couldn't hurt -- but it makes too much sense, so the answer is probably no.


Most of the time they will just deduct her payment from what dh owes her. BUT it must be set up that way I believe.  So you need to call...this will be best for you anyway unless you can/did pay off all the support now.

ex. dh owes 1000 in back support but bm is now ordered to pay 100 a week to dh now. Well instead of her paying dh they just take 100 from the 1000 each week until its a 0 balance then she will have to start paying your dh.