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Jul 18, 2024, 04:36:41 AM

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Ohio modification question

Started by Happyno, Nov 08, 2005, 07:36:40 PM

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DH's ex has never taken him back for more money, does the CS office ever ask for a modification or does that have to come from either parent?  Also, what happens when one child has reached the age of majority, will someone have to make a mention of that or does the CS take care of that?

sherrie ohio

The following info is through our dealings with child support in ohio.(For current info hit their web site.)If the CP is on welfare the child support office will sometimes ask for a modification hearing.They are alowed to request an hearing every three years or if they get info that something changed.They usely dont take it upon their selves to ask for one if the parent isnt on aid.They wait then for a parent to.Either parent can ask for one.But the amount wont change not less something in one of the household's has changed.As for the child hitting 18 teen. I've heard both ways from people that the office took care of it,then i've also heard someone say they had to call them!The child hitting 18 wont keep them from comeing after someone for back support,it just ends any more being added on for current.This is just our dealings with C-support ,I'm not a lawyer.Good luck......


DH ex has never taken him back but he makes more money than he used to.  I was wondering when the oldest one drops off will they look into it then.  We are hoping not.  If she does receive help from the state we wouldn't know, she lives out of state which you would think that would be in our favor.  Do you know if out of state helps any?

sherrie ohio

We haven't dealt with the my SD hitting 18 teen yet.So all i know is hear say.Is the case in the state of ohio?I've heard some people say the office just sent letters to both parties stateing the child is turning 18 on this date,wich child support will then stop.Others if there was back support they would bring them in to see were the CP wanted to go with the case.I realy dont know much about what they do when the child turns 18 ,sorry.My best advise is to post on the ohio state forum(on this site),there maybe someone there that maybe able to help.And you may get more info here to.Sometimes it takes a few days to get an reply.I'm sorry i dont know more.I've dealt with just about everything with child support but that.Good luck......