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Jun 17, 2024, 12:28:26 PM

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1040 for CS calculation when joint ?!?!

Started by spinner, Jul 05, 2007, 12:58:46 PM

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I was wondering if when you are remaried and filed a join tax return 1040 you can "not give it to the court" based on the fact that it contains private information on the other peoples on the join return?

like my wife's income, her SSN number, her daughter's SSN number and name, ....

ex wife is very creative to use that information to create problems (identity thieft). went as far as mailing drug one time pretending it was me to get me in trouble, .....

thoughts ?


I'd suggest talking with your attorney since this seems to depend a great deal on where you are.

In my case, my attorney said that it's hard to keep anything from an ex during the divorce phase since the court's view is that the process should be open. They will argue that there are safeguards to prevent misuse of information (even though they're hard to enforce).

Good luck.


black out everything that pertains to her.

And then run it through the copier machine again.

See if you just do the first part, you'll still be able to read the information by holding it up to the light (guess who made that mistake in the past?? -- actually, it's funnier than that, but that's for another day).

Attach your W-2s, not hers.

And if the line where it says W-2 income reflects both your incomes, black it out, and the W-2 will have just yours.


this is a good idea.

To answer the first person, a lawyer is great for who has 150$ an hour to spare. personally by asking questions here I am asking for other's experience.

It is not a lawyer's word but I'd have spend over a million if I asked my lawyer all the questions


>this is a good idea.
>To answer the first person, a lawyer is great for who has 150$
>an hour to spare. personally by asking questions here I am
>asking for other's experience.

That's true. But by relying on information here, you are:
1. Risking that someone who doesn't have a clue will give you bad advice.
2. Ignoring the difference between your state and 49 other states.
3. The people here don't have all the facts (not to mention that some questions are so badly worded that it's hard to tell exactly what the person is looking for when giving a response).

While this is a useful forum for sharing experiences and giving guidance, IMHO when you're facing a legal issue, you really should rely on a local lawyer rather than some anonymous people with no legal experience.

Considering the importance of the issues being discussed here, I suspect you'll find a lot of people who WISH they had seen an attorney rather than doing it themselves.


I would black out your SSN and anybody else's on the return as well. It is possible for a copy of the return to get into your file and in many states those case files are public record.

I don't know what state you are in but in my state the new spouses income is used to identify what tax bracket you are in, which effects how much money you have available after taxes for support. So there may be a reason to allow the court to know what your spouse makes.


Actually, I was just in this situation in December. BLACK OUT all information not pertaining to you... your wife's social,her  b-day,her kids/your kids not by ex #1-  full names, b-dates, socials, etc. your wife's W-2 Info, etc.

Soc told me that it would be courteous to ask the other parties attorney if it would be acceptable to them. I didn't ask because, like someone above's situation- the people I am dealing with HAVE stolen others information and her new husband has been busted for forgery, stealing, and numerous other crimes  and I blacked it out anyways. What was she going to say? "I need your wife's and your wife's children's social security information" ?? Explain to me why it's relevant!

If you don't black it out and it goes to court, you can OBJECT to the document being shown in it's entirety(sp) with the IRRELEVANT(sp) information legible and ask the judge to blacken the info out (problem is, they may just possibly run a pen mark through it, still leaving it visible).


can I send a blacked copy to the judge as well or does his copy needs to be clean ?!?!



you don't think the judge will wonder why I blacked out the company name where I work on the W2, my Address, ... my SSN ok
same on the 1040 if I blacked all how does he knows it's even mine ? :D