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Sep 24, 2023, 11:17:08 PM

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contempt of court advice

Started by bigrob, Mar 11, 2008, 07:33:54 PM

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the court order says that we have joint decion making ability. My 2 1/2 yo daugter had bottle rott due to mother giving her juice at night. I took her to the dentist as i susspected her top 4 front teeth were rotten. there are two options 1) to fix her teeth (4 root canals) $2500 2) Extract her teeth $680

I could not afford to fix her teeth so I wanted to extact her teeth so it would not go to her perminent teeth. Her mom without decustion fixed her teeth paid for it, and now she wants $1414 (65%of the total bill) plus atterney fees. I could not pay it untill now with my tax return and a small loan. I paid her $1415 yesterday but wants $550 of attney fees. I told them im not going to do it now i have a trial set in may.

How good of a case do I have do you think I'll have to pay the fees in trial?


Tough spot.  Because you were not consulted, I don't think you would have been obliged to pay anything more than the extractions.  Can't imagine spending that kind of money to fix baby teeth!  I do think you'd be in a strong position to NOT pay the legal fees, and to get back some of your $$$ too as you didn't agree to it.