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Mar 02, 2024, 09:37:41 AM

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childrens' mom found guilty of physical neglect but yet still have the kids

Started by jeff1012, Dec 30, 2003, 08:30:03 PM

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Why is it that some one can be found guilty of physical neglect not once but twice in 16 months. But yet the court, srs , police lets her keep the kids?

The health dept found animal waste, no refridgerator working. broken water line. The county Dr. condemned the place and yet they are still living there.
Was told since they are 12 and 14 they can choose where they want to live.
No one cares about the kids safety!
who do you turn to for help?

Mother testify in court to the physical neglect and admitted to it. The judge place the kids back into the mess for the county health to condemn the house 26 days later.

the case was a child in need of care case and it was swept under the rug!
this is in kansas.