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Jul 23, 2024, 03:43:28 AM

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turn on your tv right "NOW!"

Started by antonin, Apr 25, 2004, 01:41:52 PM

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...and you will see one of the reasons we are getting our buts kicked. Hundreds of Thousands of NOW (and related groups) members are protesting against abortion. I am not here to argue about abortion, but to make the point that these protestors are organized, articulate AND ARE WILLING TO MAKE A FEW PERSONAL SCARIFICES (like going to DC) to make their point known. The whole world is watching them and they are getting millions of dollars of free airtime. The best a children's rights leader can do is go on O'Reilly and get beat-up. WHAT YOU CAN DO:

Attend the Million Dads March on Father's Day:
You can stay in the DC KOA in an air-conditioned cabin that sleeps 4 for 50.00 a night.
I went last year.

Join this group:
There are many men's groups, but this one is doing an extremely good job of networking with all the groups and pulling them together.

The laws are unjust. Unless we become politically active and make our presence known...we will continue to get stomped on. Do it for you kids...you want them to go through this kind of hell, too?