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Sep 25, 2023, 04:03:33 AM

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Media looking to do story on child support errors in Michigan

Started by joni, Jun 07, 2004, 09:01:45 AM

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A major national press/media reporter is seeking to interview child support payors and recipients in Michigan who have documented proof that their child support payments have been lost, misapplied, etc., by the Friend of the Court (FOC) or State Disbursement Unit (SDU) resulting in financial hardships.

If you qualify, please respond (via email reply only) with the following information not later than Wednesday, June 9:

Payor & Recipient Name/addresses/phone numbers
Michigan County of jurisdiction
FOC Case#
Amount of error

Important...please do not respond if you are unable to verify your claim of errors with the appropriate documentation (copies required).  In such event, your case will not be used and valuable time would be wasted.  Forward this email as appropriate.

Thank you,

Murray Davis
Vice President
The National Family Justice Association


Wish they were doing an article on how incomes have been misrepresented to establish child support amounts!  That would be extremely helpful to us right about now!



Hey there,

Well, I can give them a hand in this area. I no longer reside in MI but do still receive cs from MI. They changed their way of processing cs within the last two years. It is now much harder to keep track of and I continously either have the cs shut down or the amounts are changed. It is a major mess. Recently, received a change in the amount of cs dated for a holiday, I was amazed that anyone in the govemental employment would be working on a "Holiday". The great communicators could not tell me "why" but that it happened.
In regards to cs in general. They have not performed an update in assessing the amount since our original divorce was completed well unless they are going solely on the word of the ex. Recently, I was advised of the ex's current pay status, oddly enough is wage has tripled in that time frame and his cs has gone done to $14.85 per week for two children. Of course they couldnt explain it.
I am tired of "dealing" with this system, everyone that has heard about my issues are continuely amazed with the FOC system in the State of MI.
My only concern to "helping" out with an article is that if the FOC office were to realise that I had helped it would create even more of a negative.

I can help but only if I were assured that the FOC office that currently "HOLDS" my case were not to know who I was.