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Jun 15, 2024, 02:53:24 AM

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macomb county friend of the court policies?

Started by coopershawk, Mar 18, 2008, 09:36:40 AM

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My husband who has joint legal custody of his son has been off on disability since february 14th.  He went to get his support payment  adjusted and had to wait until this week because he had to bring proof of disability payment in for documentation and just recieved his first check Monday.  He has been off due to colon surgery and will have to go back for a second surgery April 2nd.  The officer at the f.o.c. told him that his payment would go up 2.00 if he had it adjusted, and he had to get a court hearing for the adjustment.  Currently, he is not paying his support payment due to not working and just recieving a disability payment.  

This does not seem correct.  Why would he have to pay 2.00 more in support money when he is getting less than half of his regular wage?  
What can we do?  
Would it be better for him to wait and not make any payment until he returns to work which would be at least 8 weeks from now, potentially putting him 16 weeks behind in support payments? Or try to file with the court, he may be in the hospital by the time the court date arrives.