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Apr 21, 2024, 02:34:46 PM

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Can someone help me with cs review hearing?

Started by tulip, Jan 06, 2004, 09:42:55 AM

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Now in the middle of all this crap w/skids and their bm, I got a notice that the bd of my daughter has requested a hearing to have his cs reviewed. This is a total joke, and I am not going to hire an atty to bring me through this one--no way, not worth it.

But I don't know what I'm supposed to do to prepare for this hearing. If there is some paperwork I need to bring to it, I want to be ready.

My cs worker won't even return my call. She won't help me, the last time I talked to her she was really snotty with me. Like "How dare you ask me for information about why you're receiving cs payments." Whatever. I thought that was her job, but anyway, does anyone else know what I should do to prepare for this? The hearing is Jan 22.


So, you are the one who is receiving the cs?  I had a review hearing in March for my ex's child support.  However, I didn't ask to change the actual support order, my medical insurance for the kids has gone up considerably since the original order and I wanted to change that and also change the wording in my decree that I carry the medical, since he was ordered to carry it and never has.

What does your bd want changed?  Does it say in the notice?  If I'm not mistaken, you have the right to submit your own information.   I'd go in prepared to show what it is you actually spend on your daughter every month.  BD has to show a substantial change in circumstances to get it changed.


Grab your W2's from the past two years, and your last paystub.

Make a worksheet showing how much you spend for housing for yourself and your child. (Add all of your monthly household bills then figure out percentage for yourself and child.)  Here is what they asked of my DH when his was reviewed.

Real Estate Taxes
House Insurance
Medical Insurance
Out of Pocket Medical Expenses
401K or other Retirement Deductions
Work Related Child Care Expenses
Union Dues
Car Payment
Car Insurance
Auto Expenses (Gas, Maintenance)
Charitable Donations (Church Offerings, Goodwill, etc.)
Misc. Expenses

Hope this helps!




Just select "Child Support -- Ex Pro" or "Child Support -- District Court" from the drop down menu for the forms that you need.

Does the motion that you were served have the title that includes spousal support?  If NOT, it is probably Ex Pro.  

You have to serve the response in person within 14 days of service of his motion on you or by mail within 17 days of service of his motion on you.  Which means you'd better get crackin'!  These forms have several pages of instructions to follow and are pretty good/easy to follow -- we've used them against pbfh#1 before.

Lead your life so you wouldn't be ashamed to sell the family parrot to the town gossip. ~  Will Rogers



Lead your life so you wouldn't be ashamed to sell the family parrot to the town gossip. ~  Will Rogers


I will check this link and see if there is anything I can use. I spoke to my cs worker today, (she didn't call me back, and seemed startled that I called her again) and she told me that just have to present my case that I need this money to support my daughter. She said there are no forms, I can make my own documents and present them to the judge to read, read it to them, or just make a verbal statement.

Why is the burden on me to prove that I need his money to support my daughter? She made it sound to me like if I can't prove how much it costs to raise her, he won't have to pay.

I am self-employed with a business that provides me with a very part-time income. My dh is the one who pays the household bills and pays for most of the groceries and clothes and activities for all of our kids. (I'm a stay-at-home mom.) So should I be presenting a list of my household bills if I'm not paying them? Do I have to disclose dh's income? I don't save grocery receipts, or clothing receipts. I know I should. I never thought of this case as a concern, so I don't document anything, but I should have receipts for the skids, since that case is always a fight. There's just so much paper clutter around here already, I just don't save that stuff. I don't even have copies of her medical bills, even though he is required to pay them. We just provided everything for her.

Will they actually rule that he doesn't have to pay support because he is not working? I can't believe this! His support order was determined when he was a seasonal worker for his dad's construction company, where he's been employed for 15 years. He is a skilled heavy equipment operator, and the reason he quit working is that he left the state because he had a warrant for his arrest. As far as I know, he came back here in August and went to jail. His claim on the paperwork is that he wants his support amount "reduced" because he has been unemployed for the past year and has been incarcerated for 6 months of that year.

By the way, the order does not include spousal support, we were never married.