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May 26, 2024, 02:39:52 AM

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Would like to find anyone who had Judge Porter/Hennepin

Started by specialk, Jan 24, 2004, 07:04:33 AM

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I am new to posting here but used this site frequently in helping my SO with his most recent court battles with his ex.  In a nutshell, he has joint legal custody but ex has sole physical custody of 2 children.  At the time of divorce, a custody eval was done.  At the time ex was expressing desires to relocate to New Zealand.  Custody evaluator gave ex physical custody but included in her report that she felt it would be detrimental for children to be relocated.  The decree clearly stated that this subject could not be revisited until 3/05.

Ex started legal action in 5/03 to relocate w/kids to NZ as of 2/04.  In her request she asked that a GAL be appointed to determine "best interest of the children".  Again, this GAL found that the children should not be relocated and any further attempts to persue this should result in a change of custody.  Judge Porter held a very 1 sided evidentiary hearing 11/03.  Her case presentation was allowed the majority of the time, literally, started at 10, ended at 430 and we were allowed 1 hr.  He ruled in her favor and they left for NZ Wednesday.

Child support issues were to be reviewed also, and that ruling was received Thursday.  Even though SO will not be able to see his children on a weekly basis, and must incur huge travel costs to bring his kids back and to go see them, Judge Porter increased his CS and also is making him responsible for numerous other financial issues.  SO is now planning on appealing the ruling.  He was going to allow the relocation because this process and his ex's manipulation has virtually destroyed his relationship with his kids(they have expressed a desire to move also).  So I am wondering 1) has anyone had Judge Porter and felt he was excessively one-sided or did they receive a fair shake??, 2)  has anyone gone through the appeals process and do they have any advice, 3) any other comments or assistance/ideas would be greatly appreciated.