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Apr 21, 2024, 02:45:13 PM

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Medical reimbursement

Started by Dibella2, Feb 02, 2004, 10:24:37 AM

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Is anyone aware of any MN statutes that show what the time frame is for a CP to submit to an NCP medical costs for reimbursement?  I may not have asked that correctly.

How many days/months does the CP have to submit to the NCP unreimbursed medical costs that are court ordered to be split?

I ask because PBFH has decided that she's not going to pay any medical costs that she wasn't aware of PLUS she'll only pay for what's been accrued in the last 90 days.  Now, my order for my medical states "no less than once a year."  I thought that was the statute.  And just because she doesn't "know about it" does not exempt her from not paying half of it.  Boy, she must really be needing a fix.


As far as I know, you need to make a written request for a specific dollar amount, and provide proof that you already paid for the entire bill you're requesting reimbursement for unpaid medical expenses on, then the requestee (considered an obligor at this point), must make payment in the amount requested (as long as it is court ordered, and the request is for the court ordered percentage of the bill in question). As far as a time-frame goes, I don't believe there really is one. If there is a court order that states a year is the max, then you must follow that, but as far as the statutes go, I don't believe there is a set time limit on requests for reimbursement of medical expenses. Having said that, most judges (if they are even slightly reasonable), will not allow people to sit on large amounts of bills they intend to request reimbursement for, or sit on them for an extended period of time. If she asks for an unreasonable amount of money by using that tactic, a good judge will tell her tough luck, or at least give you the option of paying them or not. My ex held out hundreds of dollars worth of bills for years on end, then expected me to make payment on all of them before we left the courthouse, the judge gave me a choice, and I got the better end of the deal.


While at the Capital a few years back this subject came up in testimony. It is State Statue that there is no time limit. The bill they were looking at pass(which never went anywhere) would set a limit of 3 years. It is correct that you should follow the court order is it differs though. But Judges vary wildly on how they rule.


It's not a lot of money.  Just some co-pays here and there within the past year.  She's refusing to pay half of any costs she has no say in.  For instance, yss recently had to get glasses.  He's not happy with wearing them and wants to try contacts.  DH sent pbfh an email telling her he would like to try contacts and she said she doesn't think he should have contacts and that if DH does get them for yss, she will not pay half of the cost.  As far as my opinion on the matter, I don't believe she has much of a choice of whether she pays them or not.


Contacts are a sticky point with me.
I wore glasses when I was a kid. Later I got contacts when I was older. In my opinion, I beleive that contacts aren't 'really nessasary'. As a kid, glasses can break, sure. But there are kinds now that bend without breaking.
Contacts are a high mataince item. I know, I use them now. I have had problems with my contacts that makes it nessary to take them out for several days at a time. They can be VERY painful at times, say alittle piece of dust, leave them in to long, they can rip etc. You have to buy cleaners for them, cases to store then, clean them. They can become expensive very quickly.
I have a pair of glasses that I use as 'back ups' when I can't use my contacts because of problems they cause. It depends on how you use them and how long you leave them in. Now with me, I'm blind as a bat without them, so I have them in 24/7.

Any good eye doctor will tell you the same, you need glasses to rest your eyes from the contacts or you'll have problems...some can lead to eye infections, which can lead to blindness.

Now this is just my opionon...make her pay half for the glasses and you take care of the contacts.

I don't normally stick up for the 'women' and would be the first to stick it to my ex for what she worth...but I believe there is a line you cross that becomes, shall we say, unnessary. I think contacts for fall into that slot. I know my insurance will pay for glasses, but not contacts.
If you don't like what I said or are still going to get contacts for him, I would STRONGLY suggest and encourage that you get keep a set of glasses for 'back-ups'...even if they are a prescription old...sooner or later he'll need them.

Off the soap box now.

P.S. Feel free to sock her for anything else though...you have my blessing.   :)


LOL - I'd LOVE to sock her for everything else.  Believe me. LOL

I wear contacts and glasses.  I have since I was 13.  I also told DH my thoughts on contacts.  At 10 - 11 you are really not responsible enough to take care of them and the result of that can be irritating and painful.  Now, with the disposables they have out, I'm in heaven with them.  YSS plays a lot of sports and we do worry about the glasses.  Which is where the contacts would come in.    I had mentioned to DH that I don't believe they give kids contacts until they're 13, 14, but he said that Lens Crafters does.

SO!  I'm also only entitled to an opinion, just like you.  DH makes up his own mind.  ;)