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Apr 21, 2024, 02:34:13 PM

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The waiting game...

Started by hatewelfare, Feb 03, 2004, 01:52:54 AM

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I am now waiting to hear from the judge in my case. We had a telephone hearing last Friday and the judge didn't get any info from ex Attorney or CPS in Iowa. Judge ruled that she was going to put off my visitation for one more week to give time to get papers from CPS in Iowa and a report from evlauation of my son.
She said she felt I was being treated unfairly to have to wait another week and if she didn't recieve any reports or did recieve reports and they didn't concern her she would let my visitation go ahead at the end of this week, other wise we would have another hearing if something "bad" was in the report. She ordered my ex not to interfer with my visitation this weekend if I didn't hear back from the court.
Last week I filed several motions including a reversal of custody based on patterned interferance. Those will be heard on the 19th reguardless of the outcome this week.
I am planing on filing several more motions this week to compel telephone records and other info I believe should be heard in court. I'll have to see if I typed them up correctly and the judge allows them. I also plan on filing a motion for custody based on changed circumstances and the best interest of the child.
I belive this is my first real chance at letting the judge hear my side for once and plan on fight to the "death" on this one. I am without an attoreny so far, can't really afford one right now. At least she'll be racking up attorney fees for once.(although I believe her mother is financing this one)
It's going to be a knock down drag out fight at the hearing on the 19th and I plan to come out with both barrels blazing this time to keep them on damage control rather than me, like in the past.
After 9 years of lies she has to choke on a few on the stand this time. I believe she has painted herself in a corner and will look bad no matter what she says now.
I'm praying it will be enough this time....