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Started by momoftwinz, Feb 05, 2004, 08:47:16 AM

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To start off background  
My husband of 9 years left in August and moved 90 miles away (Minneaplis to Hinckley) and moved in with his girlfreind. We have 8 year old twin boys.  He has seen the children every other weekend since then and I have gotten a total of about 500.00 in child support from him. I also have been struggling financially due to my wages being garnished (636.00) a month for a car loan he took out and I co signed on but was never allowed to drive. He no longer has the vehicle he took it back to the bacnk and there still is 13,000 owed on it. I have pursued that with the sherrif and the attorney whi handles the garnishment and they will not work with me- they are getting their money so they are satisfied and requested I pursue the issue in my divorce...ughhh
Anyway my husband is unreliable and is unemployed and has difficulty KEEPING a job. I cant tell you how many W2's he has each year - I think he must collect them I dont know. But anyway the turn of events happened last week when CHILD SUPPORT finally is being demanded and we have court on Tuesday 2/10. He immediately went and got him self a lawyer to fight to obtain custody and get child support from ME. His motivation is $$$ not the kids. BUT he is saying I am a unfit mother. Which is ridiculous. BUT scary none the less. So now I am entering into a custody evalutaion and it will be another 4 months before that is completed. I talked to my lawyer this morning and asked what our game plan is and I want to be aggressive. He said that at this point not much can be done we have to just go through the process. That the judge will see that he is a dead beat dad and will not pull the kids away from me to send them to him- he has no job and cannot provide for them. But still I am terrified that there will be a loophole somewhere. Advice anyone??? I never thought this would happen.



What county are you in?  What county is the hearing in?  

I believe that he qualified for legal assistance because he is alleging abuse, neglect and/or just that you are unfit.


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Hennepin county... I live in NE Mpls

He is in Hinckley not sure what county that is????


There is nothing you can do to make things go faster. You just have to be go through all the bs without losing your cool. I assume your atty filed for temp custody and cs. I don't believe the judge will give him temp custody for these reasons: 1) He left their school district. They would have to change schools while permanent custody is being decided. 2) Did you say he is living with a new gf? These kids are just adjusting to mom and dad breaking up and now he wants them to live a new woman? Don't think so. 3) He walked out on them without being concern at that time with your ability to parent them. I don't think he has much of a chance at all, unless he can prove that you have harmed them or put them in danger, in which case he would have had them removed from your custody already.