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Apr 21, 2024, 02:19:31 PM

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Help! DH lost his job.

Started by tulip, Feb 09, 2004, 07:59:30 AM

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Last week, dh lost his job due to a structure change in the company. He was awarded joint custody in Dec with the order bm slammed through fraudulently right before Christmas. It states that he would continue to pay the same amount of CS until June 2005. What they agreed to in court, is that he would continue paying her the same amount while she is enrolled in the same nursing program full time, then have it reviewed. She was supposed to graduate in Dec, but didn't because she failed classes most likely due to excessive absences.

Now we are suspecting that she is no longer enrolled full time, because she has told dh that she dropped one of her classes. Court is not until April for her to answer for why she filed the wrong order behind our backs and try to get the correct one in place.

So, she has an order saying that he has to pay X amount until June 2005. He has joint custody, but it has only been in effect for less than 2 months, although actually, we have had the kids most of the time for well over a year. Can he ask to have cs just because he lost his job? If so, will it be based on joint custody?

We don't want to piss off the court by trying to get the cs changed so soon, but don't want him to get behind on his support either.