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Apr 21, 2024, 02:12:47 PM

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Started by hatewelfare, Feb 10, 2004, 02:14:10 AM

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I went to get my son in Iowa last weekend. I got an order from the judge allowing this weekend visit, because both police departments in Iowa and MN have dropped and charges against me. The judge must have watched the video of my son and thought nothing of it bad. I was in the court house filing more papers when the judge came up to me and said I can have my weekend visit, then asked me to wait while she typed up her order! :)

I drove to Iowa to get him and went to the school and talked with everybody there. I also signed a paper allowing my son to speak to the therapist at the school if he wants to, the therapist talks to you first before your child. She wasn't there that day but called me Mon. I explained my situatiation and she told me some things that about knocked me over. She said my EX had signed a paper last year to allow him to see the therapist. It seems my son had been telling mom that he wanted to spend more time with me and she wanted him to see the therapist about that.
The therapist said she would never talk a child out of not seeing his parents but she never did see him that year at any time. This year after all the BS my ex again signed the paper. They where to meet at the school to talk, the story goes that the therapist was running about 5 min late and my ex left as she was coming to the school. She then called the therapist and as she told me "laid into me" about this and that, then sent a letter to her the next day. The therapist never said what was in the letter but apparently my ex wasn't happy at her at all. For what? I don't know.
We decided it would be best not to have him see her at this time because we both felt that my son would 'get into trouble' by his mom if she knew I signed the paper and he saw the therapist. I am trying to leave him out of this as much as possible.
I really want the therapist to be at the court date next week, but it a short notice to subpoena her (and would cost a fortune in mileage) so I sent her an affidavit to fill out.
The other option is to have her in a courtroom in Iowa and telephone into the courtroom in MN. Has anyone every tried that before?
I am trying to lay the foundation for a custody change based on her interfering and alienating my son from me. I have a good case I think...just trying to put it together is taking ALOT of time.

one other thing...she said he is terrified of me and doesn't want to see me, while up here we stayed at my GF house and the second night he wanted to go to my house with just me. I didn't want to be alone with him so I said 'no' He refused to go to sleep and put on his jacket and sat in the corner. I am so scared of disciplining him I just called the police to help put him to bed....I know that sounds dumb...but after being accused of 'molesting' your own child and years ago accused of hitting him, I have gotten scared of him that way. W play and have fun and all, but I've gotten to the point after this I am scared of 'touching him' anyway now for fear of being accused again.

any suggestions?


I have decided to try and subpena the therpist...I will have to drive down to Iowa after work Sunday night to get her subpenaed on Monday. She will have to be at court on Thursday...

Does anyone know if that is too short of a time for a subpeana??

Fight like hell!!! Never give up!!!


My mother recently received a subpena by mail to appear in court in less than a week for a custody case for someone she knows. I thought that was illegal. She was pissed, because she felt they should have told her this was coming. She was able to call and get out of it. I don't know if that's because of the short notice, or because they decided they didn't need her to testify.