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Sep 25, 2023, 02:29:59 AM

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My experience

Started by fusilier, Dec 10, 2003, 02:14:39 PM

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There is hope, in Somerset/Morris County, of all places!
In spite of incompetent attorneys and lazy judges, I was awarded primary residential custody of my 7y.o. daughter. It took almost 4 years because of stalling and bending over backwards by the court to accomodate my ex, but it can happen.
Yes, I lost my job, my home, my life savings, and am deeply in debt.
I did not initiate any conflicts, I did not slander, I did not file harassing motions, etc. I made countless concessions to try and end the conflict, and each time was rewarded with increasing hostility. I simply responded by asking for fairness, while the ex and her barracuda tried everything to destroy me financially, physically, and emotionally. They almost succeeded.
In the end, it was the second forensic evaluator to be appointed by the court who drove a stake thru the hearts of those vampires. He is a man of honor, intergrity and insight, who had the courage of his convictions and was willing to give an honest opinion to the court. The result was my daughter came home with me that day.
Keep Hope Alive! Keep Hope Alive!


My husband and his ex are in that court system right now for custody.  We seemed to be forced to take two steps back every time we turn a corner.  Can you give me the name of your evaluator or judge or some advice.  I just posted our story under the custody issues board.  There are two stories "our story" and "psychological evaluation" any advice you can give us would help so much.  We are debt up to our eyeballs, Mom keeps lying, the judge (let's call him R) told council in chambers if Dad insists on his day in court Mom should look into making him pay for it.  Our psychologist lied to us, got important facts wrong, and more.  We feel our heads are going to explode.  Please share your story with us.