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Sep 25, 2023, 02:28:27 AM

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Cross-post NJ non-custodial paperwork query

Started by dadwho, Aug 29, 2005, 03:13:21 PM

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Hi folks, please see the last paragraph for NJ-specific question "Jump ball", cross-posted to Socrateaser.

Thanks again Socrateaser. Technical questions now. I'm going to chuck the enrollment of the foreign judgment. What you're saying rings true and all too familiar (we had 4 different judges throughout our case for various matters back in Mass so I've seen a bit of what you describe).

I'd like to do the following and am a little hazy on how to get going. They will have a lawyer or two or three, I am pro se. I'm headed to Camden County tomorrow and probably Weds. for a field trip and then to file. Here are the goals so far:

1) I want to see my daughter more, not just one weekend a month and one day during the week for an ex-imposed counseling session with her (which I am behind, btw).

2) I want a court-appointed clinician to evaluate the situation, specifically concerning the alienating/alienated behaviors that keep dogging us.

3) I want joint legal custody, jic something happens to my ex (she's made it clear that she doesn't want my girl to be with me, even over her dead body -- and her will reflects that, and she's newly remarried)

4) I want support spelled out by NJ guidelines -- I got hosed in support as well in Mass and don't want any ambiguity and need local recourse if I get laid off or injured (I'm a concrete carpenter) even briefly, or there's a material change in circumstances.

So to do that stuff, I think I need to start with:

1) Temporary orders that request/define: a) that a clinician be appointed by the court to evaluate the situation, b) visitation (every other weekend, one evening per week, 2 phone calls each week, spell out vacation through end of school next year c) joint legal custody d) support. These orders pending a hearing regarding custody and final disposition on visitation.

I also figure I'll need to request a hearing date for the temporary orders and do all the service/notification stuff on the Motion for temp orders and Hearing date.

Is that basically it, or is there another process by which I get recognized by the court?

2) At this time, can/should I also request a hearing and make a motion for permanent orders? I'm thinking not as it will become clearer what's going to happen in the temp orders hearing? I dunno, as I'm basically looking for the stuff in the Temp Orders to become permanent.

Jump ball: Anybody (Soc, you mentioned you don't practice in Jersey) know if I also need to do a Temporary Support Order (I'm assuming so and have their online form) and/or do I tackle the 29-page instruction form (Appendices IX-A to F) and try to find the actual form to which I figure they must refer?  If anyone knows the list of forms I have to do associated with support in Jersey as a "new" case, please let me know.

Thanks very much Soc for your help in refining my thinking and in advance to any Jersey folks (likely dads) with the paperwork.