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Jul 19, 2024, 08:20:07 PM

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BM might be living in a shelter

Started by Kat87, Dec 15, 2003, 12:21:30 PM

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I've posted on here before, but for some reason I am very confused with the new format. Te recap a bit of history, I am a SM to 2 kids, SS will be 17 next week, SD 12. We (DH and I) are basically CP to them, with a shared parenting agreement in place. We are residential parents that reside in SC, BM in Ohio (agreement is in Ohio).

Skids came to live with us 4 1/2 years ago, as BM suffers from mental illness and had the children living in a battered woman's shelter alleging abuse against her mom and aunt (with whom they lived with), also accused DH, but he hadn't seen the kids in awhile so she was talking hogwash....shared parenting agreement came to be in the summer of 2000. Last year, after summer of 2002 BM petitioned the courts that it was only supposed to be a temporary agreement and we were keeping her from her children (despite the fact that we were the only ones keeping to the agreement, she was never following the rules)...so since then we have been in an ongoing custody dispute, and we have just wanted her to be proven competent (as she truly does suffer from mental illness), we are still waiting for the exam that was due to our lawyer in October, but that is another vent...

My reason for visiting here today, is that for the past week, perhaps 2 weeks, BM has been calling skids on days that they usually call her...first it was she wasn't going to be home...Thursday and last night when she called the caller ID had her calling from the Salvation Army...when I asked SD about it, she said her mom had been shopping...not a feasible story...(she called one time, then 45 min later from same phone, at 8pm at night...)...anyway, I called the number this am and was told it was a place that provided assistance for people that need help with their bills, stranded motorists, and such, and they were also a shelter type place, and NO there is no store....

Skids are due to see BM on Sunday, as she gets them for Christmas. She has provided a note to my DH that she can have unsupervised visitation from her therapist, but we surely don't want the kids to be living in a shelter. She has had her own 3 bedroom apartment, but we are not sure if she still has it...she has her mom babysitting her cat...she just told her mom that she was staying with a friend, and when her mom asked why she wasn't staying at home she told her to MYOB... so what do you all think? SS erased her phone number being from the Salvation army on the caller ID (I guess not realizing that I have caller ID on the phone in my own room)....

What do you think we should do? Oh, I guess I should mention that my DH is out of town until Friday....

Thanks in advance.