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Jul 19, 2024, 09:27:47 PM

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Montgomery county CS Court

Started by longship, Dec 17, 2003, 03:13:24 AM

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I just heard about this Child Support court that is being set up in Montgomery county.  They are setting up a 'special' court to deal just with 'deadbeat parents' (we all know this means fathers since they rarely give custody to father or order mothers to pay CS and even if they do, they rarely go after NC mothers who refuse to pay).   The court will be in session twice a month, and the local news here in Dayton made sure to note that this court was modeled after the special drug court.  Isn't that great...?  They are now comparing fathers who cannot make child support payments with druggies.  


Yeah, heard that on the news.  I have a friend at work whose ex owes over $18,000 in CS.  I think it's about time they go after him.  He has been moving around the country and not telling her where he is for years.  I think that it's good they go after fathers who WON'T pay child support.  For those who are UNABLE to pay, they should try something else.  

I wonder what they do to fathers who are only behind a little.  I have another friend who is behind by like $200 and he is sweating that they'll come after him.  Both these cases are in Montgomery County.