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Jul 19, 2024, 08:44:59 PM

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portage county judge

Started by rtwins, Jan 17, 2004, 06:38:43 PM

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is anyone familiar with judge carnes in portage co. I am pretty sure next week my husband will be in court with him and the county prosecutor. The haering will be to address arrears.

We have no idea what to wxpect, except that my husband could get his license suspended or worse.
This is the first time that he will actually be in front of a judge, usually it is a magistrate.

My husband went to his employer and will be able to get extra work but only on a temp basis. They are aware of his cs problems and do not want to sign a contract with him until they know he will be available to work.

We are hoping this will help keep him out of jail. There are also some discrepencies in the amount owed. Our figures are about $2300 less than theirs.

Can the judge still place him in jail if my husband can prove work and show arrangements to pay arrears?


here's an article on challenging erroneous arrears:

i've just started using this free spreadsheet because the one that came with my new pc was too buggy. it's oooooold though... can only handle filenames in the 8+3 format old... here's the link to that though:


Thanks, that is some good info on challenging arrears. My husband needs something he can take in with him to prove this.