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Sep 25, 2023, 02:20:59 AM

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Question for all

Started by steelwill, Mar 26, 2004, 01:52:47 PM

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Im a single man expecting a child by my ex girlfriend. Does anyone have any information on how I can get joint custody? Or does anyone have any experience with pre-birth issues like this so I can get this decided before the child is born? Any and all help welcome and appreciated.


which county are you in?
nothing will be decided until the child is born. get a good lawyer. i'm 95% certain you are safe to sign the birth certificate because of a new law requiring dna testing for unmarried parents. i waited until my son was 3 months old to file to establish paternity... it took NINE MONTHS (in cuyahoga county) before my name was added to his birth certificate.
keep receipts for everything you buy for the baby.
take parenting classes.
learn infant first aid.
DON'T give the mom any money directly, under ohio state law she can sue you for back support and the judge may or may not recognize your "gifts" to her, even if they are clearly marked "child support."
read read read.


regarding recording conversations, ohio is a one party state, meaning that as long as one party in the conversation is aware it is being recorded, it's legal and admissable. buy a tape recorder. figure out where to hide it to record in person conversations, and how to use it to record phone conversations. even if your ex doesn't say anything incriminating, it may serve to keep you on your best behavior, knowing that it is all being recorded.

sorry if i sound too discouraging or anything... my situation started out fairly well, with both parties having the best of intentions but has since declined to the point where i have spent only 30 min with my son since last father's day*..... i'd hate to see anyone make the same mistakes i've made up to this point.


It has been my experience that in Ohio, if one party (usually the mother) doesn't want joint custody, then joint custody won't be awarded.  And Ohio (at least in Greene co) has the 'tender years' belief that an infant should be with the mother.  You can ask for joint custody, but unless the mother agrees to it, then I wouldn't get your hopes up :(

sherrie ohio

What is her response to you wanting joint custody?Most county's in Ohio dont give joint/physical custody to the fathers.Physical custody or Residential Parent as they put it most always goes to the mother when the parents arent married,during the tender years as they put it.Unless she agrees to it .But do try to get all rights possible,you could be one of the frist to get custody!My husband didnt learn that his daughter was his(with ex girlfriend)untill she was about a year or older and its been a battle sense.When making out a list of what times you want ect. always think of what you might like later on to happen and work that in some how.If she is on any kind of state medical card, plan on paying them back all cost of the birth.If there is an DNA test taken by them(state) plan on paying for that to.And i'd pay my support through the support office or at lease wright it on any checks you give her.If they or she files for support ,plan on paying from the time its filed, what ever amount the state figure's out.THEY WILL GO BACK TO THE FILE DATE!And i cant sress this enufe wright everything down!!!Phone calls,visits any contact that you have with her ,your child ,doctors,other family mebers of hers.This will come in handy later.Write the time something started when it ended and what was said.I cant stress that enufe.And if you can aford a lawyer now, go talk to one or legal aid.Once again i stress involement,record keeping,thinking what youll want in the future and if you can a lawyer!!Best of luck.

sherrie ohio

Sorry i didnt notice the date on the post.Still hope some of the info might help.Hope things are going well.