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May 28, 2024, 07:42:25 PM

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Oregon dad

Started by tjraid18, Apr 28, 2004, 04:44:37 PM

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  Just wanted to say,
  My name is Tim. I live in the Corvallis area and I have an ex-wife and two and a half kids. Well three I guess. They are all great kids. The ex can be frustrating, but I try not to talk bad about her if at all possible. I try to see both points of view and always to put the kids first. We have both put each other through hell. But I have not used the system to gain any sort of advantage in the divorce process. I would never use my kids, our kids as a weapon against her--- or any legal opportunities I may have had to use against her. Like the time she ran me over and the police asked if I needed an ambulance. They told me if I said yes, she would automatically be arrested and charged with assault with a deadly weapon, possibly with the intent to kill. Now there was a meal ticket to custody of my kids! I told them I didn't need an ambulance because I did'nt, and nothing was even done. If I had done that to her I gaurantee you I would still be in prison. I always try to put the kids first and not be petty, viciuos, etc. I am honest in court. I am honest with my kids. And I feel i would be the best parent for them. I am going through a rough time and have issues I'm trying to deal with. If anyone else from Oregon is interested in sharing information or whatever my E-mail is [email protected]  Thanx, Tim