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If you are an NCP in Tennessee -

Started by mtbitara, Sep 22, 2004, 08:08:30 PM

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please go to this website: http://www.indianacrc.org/classaction.html

We need your help.

If any questions please email Torm Howse via this email link:


Are you an NCP in Tennessee? I just printed off the link info for my fiance. He is the NCP. Anyway, we need information regarding his rights. His ex wants to move a ruling from Oregon to the state she moved to (TN). I think (from everything that I've been reading) he will save money by keeping it in OR and fighting it there and paying for airfare. She's such a vindictive person. She is getting tons in maintenance and is now trying to switch to TN to get even more in child support. My fiance pays plenty for support now but she's very gready. Maybe just hurt because I don't think it's a coincindence that she found out about our engagement and filed these papers 2 days later. Anyway, any suggestions on a real SOB of an attorney in TN that he can use to fight this crap? We tried going with a reputable attorney in OR (who ended up doing a decent job) but she got herself a real jacknut and got almost every little crazy thing she asked for. Any help?


I am not certain that it is even possible to for her to get into TN's jurisdiction since she and the child(ren) are in OR.  Good for you.  There is something called the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Act (I *think* that's it) that stops this sort of thing.

Hope That Helps!