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Jun 19, 2024, 11:38:45 PM

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Inside Home Tape Recording

Started by EyeInTheSky, Apr 08, 2006, 07:49:34 PM

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I'm confused AGAIN. Can anybody please tell me if conversations IN THE HOME (threats, etc) can be tape recorded --- whereas the other party does NOT know it's being recorded?

Thank You.



As far as I've been told, no you can't unless you tell the person you are doing it, otherwise it won't hold up in court


   I was a Deputy Sheriff for 5 years in Wisconsin and I worked hard to understand the laws so none of the evidence that I obtained would be thrown out.  Unless the law has been changed (which I doubt) since 2007, I know that the law governing conversations taped by law enforcement states:  Conversations can be recorded as long as one or more of the recorded parties is aware that they are being recorded.  Again, this is the law governing police officers and privacy laws are usually more strict for law enforcement. 
   I don't know what you are looking to record but I had to start video recording the custody exchanges because my ex-wife filed numerous police reports.  The last false report, the detective reviewed my video recording and found that my ex-wife was lying.  The detective logged the video tape into evidence to keep the tape secure.  When I got to court, Judge Flancher yelled at me for recording interactions with my ex-wife and didn't care that a false arrest was prevented due to one of the recordings.  Just be careful because some judges believe in video taping and I know of one Racine County judge that believes that video taping is worse than lying under oath.  I hope this helped.


Michael A. Whetstone


I tape record every exchange I have with my ex, whether it is phone conversation or child exchange.  I was tired of her swearing at me in front of the kids and the tape recorder cleaned up her act.  Everytime I tried to go to court it was always my word against hers, so the tape recordings were what I used as proof. It helped me get the GAL support eventually.