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Oct 03, 2023, 03:55:30 AM

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phoning childern in germany

Started by 1of3, Aug 25, 2005, 03:00:36 PM

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Does anyone know of a way to maintain contact with kids overseas even though the mother is not helpfull. This sparc card looks like a good idea but I dont think it works in europe.
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Of course, the children can call you whenever they want to and have access to a phone.

Germany does not have the option of "calling collect", as we have here.

If you have a high-speed internet connection, you can use Broadvoice (//www.broadvoice.com), and for $ 22.00 / month you can place unlimited calls to landlines in Germany. All day long if you wish.

You can also use SkypeOut (//www.skype.com/products/skypeout/), where you use your computer, and pay a small amount per minute.
Or use Skype or NetMeeting if your kids have an internet connection.

You could get your kid(s) a cell phone, and then you can call them as much as you want to.
The European cell phone system doesn't work with "air time" like in the US. With a cell phone (or any other phone for that matter), the caller pays for all calling costs. So as long as the kid(s) don't make calls with the cell phone, all you pay for is the monthly base fee. However, your calls to their cell phone are NOT free, YOU pay for the calls.



My stepkids do not live out of the country but they do live in another state. Prior to us moving to another state, we gave the kids and XBOX, DH also has an XBOX, we signed both the kids and DH up for XBOX Live, and also purchased XBOX live games for both houses. Then dh and the kids set up 2x per week to both be on, they can either talk via xbox live thru a PRIVATE chat, or they can play the video games against eachother.

The XBOX live subscription for BOTH the kids and DH was about $100 per year, which is WAY cheaper than long distance calls.  You just need to make sure the kids would have internet access to set up this system.

It has worked well for us.

**These are my opinions, they are not legal advice**


Thanks, I'm going to investigate this immeadiately!  I travel a lot and don't have a land line. Thanks again you've given me some hope.


Good idea, do you know which cell phone service has a good plan?  I have Cingular, they don't seem to have anything that works.

Thanks, I'm going to follow-up on your suggestions.


Most US cell phones do not work in Europe (only GSM phones), and if they do they are very expensive.
Keep in mind, when you use a US cell phone in Europe, your US rules and rates apply!

Obtain a cell phone in Germany (don't know how to do this when you're not actually there).

Telekom and Vodaphone are well-known.


If you travel alot -- I remember seeing a "store" in the Atlanta airport that had stuff for cell phones that work overseas....

And try e-bay to buy the phone...