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Jun 19, 2024, 06:32:52 AM

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Looking for FLORIDA Fathers and Non-custodial mothers!!

Started by 1angrystepmom, Jan 06, 2004, 05:41:04 AM

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DH and I are looking for other fathers and Non-custodial mothers (*who ARE PAYING CHILD SUPPORT)who are dealing with the Florida Department of Revenue, who have been denied, or delayed in receiving (downward) modifications due to neglegent acts by the FL DOR.  

We are actively seeking legal counsel who will represent "us" in a class action law suit.  In order to file a class action suit, we need more than just DH as a plaintiff.

This is NOT a money issue, it is a principle issue.  

Also, if ANYONE has any other suggestions, as to HOW to make a "change" in regards to this.  PLEASE send me a private message here, OR e-mail me at [email protected]