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May 21, 2024, 03:17:14 AM

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Need Help W/Termination of Parental Rights

Started by bree, May 06, 2004, 08:32:31 AM

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My son is 5 his father has never Ever seen him or tried to be part of his life, he dosent pay child  support, and he is willing to sign over his rights- ive heard i can go to the courthouse to get the legal forms for this action- but i need to know the name of the forms before they will give them to me- is this correct?

treadiing water

The states tend to frown upon releasing one person without having another person there to 'pick up the slack'.  The main reason is that if you were to go on welfare or some other form of state assistance, they would not have anyone to go to for their pound of flesh.  


Actually, he CAN relinquish his parental rights,, but that will not absolve him of his financial responsibilities,, ie: child support or repaying the state if you go/went on assistance.

As far as the paperwork,, I dont know what state you are talking about, or if that paperwork would even be available readily. Your best bet is to call an attorney first for a initial "free" consultation.


I respectfully disagree with you peanuts.  my dh husband terminated his parental rights to one child - and this is because his ex got pregnant by sperm donar just before they separated.  he never had a relationship with the child.  both dh and ex wanted termination.  this means he will never be responsible in any way, including financially for the child.  (maybe the laws are different in different states?)

Bree will have more difficulty with the judge approving this request given the child is biologically both of theirs.  From what I heard through my dh's experience, he was lucky because the courts don't usually feel that this type request is in the child's best interest. But if they both agree, then it is possible.

Bree, I know that my dh and his ex both wrote up certifications supporting why their request for termination should be approved.  I don't know what other paperwork is involved though (sorry) but you can go to your county courthouse to find out, or maybe ask Soc.