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Oct 03, 2023, 03:21:59 AM

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Why I will NOW buy JIF peanut butter....

Started by 1angrystepmom, Feb 01, 2004, 04:43:53 AM

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This morning, DH and I were watching some video's on CMT....  A JIF commercial came on.... *one I hadn't seen...

Dad is sitting on the couch making a peanut butter sandwich... DD comes in "Dad, what are you doing?"  Dad replies, "I'm making a sandwich..."  He makes one for his DD too.... THEN Dad, fold his in half...DD asks... "Dad, why do you fold yours??" Dad responds "Well, that is how my Dad did it, and I suppose I always wanted to be like him"

Then, they show DD, fold her sandwich, and eat it... Dad smiles....

Their motto then is said "Choosey moms, AND DAD's choose JIF"



I seen that one too and thought, hey, most commercials are geared towards mothers and such, so yes, I thought it was a refreshing change.  It's just too bad they don't sell Jif in Canada...LOL...


My dad was the cook in my house.  My mom cooked of course, but my dad's food was great!  

My dad taught me how to cook and shop for groceries.  Unfortunately, unless I have a coupon, I'll have to stick with store brand peanut butter.