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Oct 01, 2023, 08:28:23 AM

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Started by Lawmoe, Oct 29, 2004, 05:49:36 AM

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Folks, it is important to remember to be respectful when posting.  Try to respond to the question asked or inquiry made without personal attacks.

By the same token, it is important to remember that a broad pallet of diverse opinions are welcome. You may not agree with them and you may even argue your counter point.  A difference of opinion is a good thing, even if the opinion being voiced is unpoplular or seems misguided.

Generally, posts will not be erased. If you have any complaints, let me know, and I wil take a look at them


  When you post these rules perhaps you can post a few words about yourself also.  This way new members will know whom you are (and remind those of us with short term memory ;-)


For information about me, you may visit http://www.nvo.com/beaulier/faqaboutus

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For information about Wisconsin Divorce http://www.wisconsindivorceclawyers.com

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[FONT SIZE=+1"]I am a Lawmoe fan and enjoy his Advice – Opinions – Humor.  I am waiting for him to go on tour and his tee shirt to hit the market. lol :-)

Lawmoe is well like/acknowledged/known on all the web sites he visits.

If lawmoe revived royalties for every subject line that asked for his help he would own several island by now.

I have learned a great deal about the law reading his posts.  

Lawmoe helps Men and Women equally.  He understands the big picture of the family court system.  (The wisdom he shows in his posts you would think he would be much older)

>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ============= <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Now who is Bolivar?  Probability wise to know who is writing this editorial.  

 I am NOT always in alignment with where Lawmoe "sits on the fence".  I am NOT emotional understanding to the court processes.  I am a pissed off NCP Dad who is very, very angry at a system which I feel took my son from me and Forced me to pay.

 In court I felt woman got all the breaks and are treated like angels.  Dads are nothing but wallets.  I felt men were treated WORSE than dogs,,, that men were treated like dog SH*T.

Since interviewing numerous lawyers in my area, and reading lawmoes [EM]"EQUAL"[/EM] responses to Men and Women,, I have reevaluated my Family Court World View.

The attorneys I interviewed who were in there late 50's and had the wisdom of years,,, AND ,,, had enough cases and made enough money didn't shoot me Bull Sh*t like some of the younger lawyers.

What have the old farts taught me?  The bias in the court system is not as Black and White as I believed.  However, In custody issues men still do NOT have equality.  (this is for many reasons, again NOT black and white)  

To correct the Judges custody rulings, I believe OHIO needs a law that presumes parents share custody evenly!  

The presumption when Mom and Dad walking into court should be that both parents should share 50/50 physical and legal custody. Currently this is NOT the case!!

I like to read, I read a lot.  There have been books in my life what have changed my life view and made me a better person.  Authors, Lawmoe and other Posters who I have NEVER met and probability never will, have had a tremendous impact on my understanding.  

With all my reading I have been able to put my situation in perspective and focus on what positive changes I can make.

However, I can still go off the deep end in my posts. :-) [/FONT]


Are you Colombian or is the name of your town in Ohio?


who yu calling an old fart? I have a T-shirt for you then... LOL



I am a mother of 3 and DFS/CPS took them from me because of the fact it came to light last year that their now former stepdad was molesting my 2 daughters.And now the DFS/CPS/GAL/Court are takin sides with my kids dad and step mom.ANd my children are 17,15,14 and they have requested to return home to me and they have been denied.I have been trying to regain custody for the past year now me and my new husband are appealing the last court hearing,to regain custody of my children,the system here is wrong and unjust.


welcome to being a NCP.  We all deal with the unjust system.

**These are my opinions, they are not legal advice**



These are my own opinions as well,i am going public with these people here in missouri.


I would. To many parents are reduced or eliminated out of their childrens lives.

**These are my opinions, they are not legal advice**