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Oct 03, 2023, 04:33:41 AM

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Undetected Abuse.

Started by FL_48603, Feb 06, 2005, 11:09:12 PM

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In Re: CASE NUMBER: FL – 48603
       Undetected Abuse.

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is James Chamberlain and I am a resident of
Northern California at 865 Red Bluff CA 96080.

I am a non-custodial parent of a seven year old
daughter and my ex-wife's father is also her pro-bono
divorce attorney in Tahema County Superior Case: FL –

My ex-wife suffers from serious psychological
problems, caused our car to be reposessed, ran up
thousands of dollars in bills, bouncing checks to and
verbally abusing our landlord who then issued us
eviction papers, the after gambling our family's money
away while on a drug binge in Las Vegas, abducted our
child and fled our marriage.

In March of 1999 she abducted our child and
disappeared with her for weeks.

Nonetheless, she has been sheltered from these issues
and her father filed divorce papers to legitimize my
ex-wife's child kidnapping after the fact.

Recently I had to take my daughter to the doctor
because she was complaining of a sprained wrist.
While at the doctor's my daughter told the doctor that
the first time the child's wrist began hurting was
when "mommy was hitting" her (evidently the child was
blocking a blow).

Weeks later the child susatained a break to this same
wrist while in the mother's care, but rather than
taking the child to the hospital to have the wrist
examined and treated, the mother cloistered the child
at the grandmother's trailer in the hills of

Previously my ex-wife has had her father revoke my
parental rights and in each instance I gain them back
with more time with my child being granted to me than

Most recently when I restored my parental rights I
immediately took my daughter to get her teeth worked
on to discover that the mother had allowed the child
to go 7 years with only one trip to the dentist and
the child now had eight cavities, needed two root
canals and one molar extraction.

There are also issues of the mother enabling parental
alienation which while constituting emotional abuse is
far more challenging to track and prove.

Because of all of this I filed a motion to modify
custody so that I could act as Primary Caregiver while
the mother completes her schooling and whatever else
it is keeping her from caring sufficiently for my
daughter's needs.

This has dragged out for months and now when my
daughter is seen by counselors they all scratch their
heads and state that my daughter does not look like
she is being abused.

I explain that there is no way to detect the abuse in
a situation where the mother is aware she is under
scrutiny and even in light of the doctor's notes,
teacher's notes, dentist's notes and even the mother's
own admissions to returning to corporal punishment in
violation of the existing order which she submitted
under the penalty of perjury to The Court in her
responsive declaration - no body seems interested or
motivated to assist with contempt of court or criminal

I am trying right now to find statistics pertinent to
the number of children who are discovered to have been
abused which were previously undetected even by
counselors, etc.

Please advise,

James D. Chamberlain
[email protected]
865 Locust Street
Red Bluff CA 96080