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May 26, 2024, 12:45:11 AM

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Started by Craziegirl, Nov 07, 2008, 08:26:13 PM

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 My fiance is struggling with fighting child support enforcement. they keep suspending his liscence for the back child support even though he already has an agreement with them and is paying extra. He struggles each month to live without any consideration from either his ex or the state. We are looking for any advice anyone may have. His ex-wife has remarried and in recent conversations has agreed to allow him to terminate his parental rights and his child support. However we do not how to go about doing this and our courthouse was rude and obnoxious. Please help us...


You have to understand that terminating his rights is huge. Basically it means he will not be the child's father anymore. This means no visitation now or in the future. This means he wouldn't have access to her/him if they were in the hospital. It may not seem like some of this is important now, but it will be down the road.

What I would do if I were you fiance is write BM a letter about the support payments. Assuming he pays $500/month in support and $200 in back support for the next 24 months.

Dear Ex,
I am very concerned about my ability to keep-up with the support payments of $500 a month in support and $200 a month in back support over the next 24 months. I want to do what is right and get you the money I owe you, but it has become very difficult.

In order to make sure you get all the money you are owed, please consider allowing me to extend my back support payments so that I can pay you $100 a month over the next 48 months. I know it isn't the best situation, but I am trying my best to make sure you receive all the payments and on time.

Please let me know by XX/XX/XXXX if this request is acceptable to you or not.


If she agrees you will have to get it in writing and notorized with both his and his ex's signatures. That has to be submitted to the judge. Once he gets it, he will more than likely approve a request like that.

If she does agree. Come back here and post to see details on what the next steps are.

Take care