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May 26, 2024, 11:03:21 AM

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Custody Definition.. Joint Legal with Physical to Father.

Started by orgncwby, Feb 08, 2009, 10:43:46 AM

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I have a question,  I have a california order which states Joint legal with Physical Custody to petitioner.  I am the Petitioner. the father.  My daughter has lived with me for the last three years going to her mothers every other weekend.  Last weekend my ex decided to keep my daughter and was able to enroll my daughter in a new school in a different city.  I submited a copy of my divorce judgment to the school and they still alowed my ex to register my daughter.  How can this be?  I have since filed to move my divorce to Oregons jurisdiction.  I will then attempt to file a writ of assistance to get my daughter back into my home.  My ex wife is doing everything possible to alienate me from my child, my child is 12 by the way.  My ex wife has told my daughter I do not want her, that I have lied in court, my ex wife shows my daughter all our court documents.  The other half of this story is that I have our older son 15 and my ex wife has no interest in getting him.  She feels its ok to seperate the siblings.  Any info is greatly appreciated, I am building my case airtight as best I can.  I feel im an excellent father, although I have strict rules which my daughter does not approve, no makeup, no pajamas to school, bath everyday, bed by nine, take care of her own animals.  I just feel hurt all this is happening when I feel I am doing all I can to raise my children proper.  I attempt to promote a relationship with the children and their mother, although their mother does not talk to our son and would only talk to our daughter on her every other weekend visitations.  Thanks