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Feb 20, 2024, 11:34:13 PM

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Just a HELLO! to all my fellow Minnesotans, I'm back! (LFH)

Started by lookingforhelp, Feb 09, 2009, 04:05:22 AM

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Not sure if anyone remembers me from before, I looked, and it has been since 2005.  I see Spinner is around, and Lucky, just wanted to say hi, and a thanks for all your previous help...Socrateaser is gone?

How is everyone?

My updates are I now have had 2 babies since 2005, hence the lack of postings!  My SD, the subject of my postings is now 15.  Since she is 2 hours away from us and a busy teen, we have only been seeing her 1x a month.  Been a rollercoaster ride this past year and a half.  New siblings for SD, some jealousy issues, and lately, SD isn't as truthful as should be with her mom; of course we are always the villian, and I think to teens, parents always are, right? Anyways, she does tell lies, or exagerations to her mother, and BM refuses to listen to our side, very frustrating.  We still use Our Family Wizard, which would work better if BM put more effort in, but overall, we have just had to backoff with SD and be satisfied with what we can get.  We just got burned out over the whole court process, and had to take time out to deal with being a mom to 2 newborns!

The disappointing thing is, now my DH has been involuntarily cutback at work to 32 hours per week, indefinately.  The whole workplace has, due to the slow economy.  My DH is worried about CS.  Was wondering about the new CS law, we never modified it, since, oh 2002, 2004? (other than COLA)  I am thinking they would still base his income on 40 hours per week, anyone have any thoughts on this? Is it even worth checking into?
One nice thing would be is that BM is CO to provide insurances, and we have been having SD on ours and then she is to reimburse, she hasn't reimbursed us for oh,,,16 months???

Thanks and really nice to be back!  Hope you all have had decent luck with your battles.


Do you have any idea what the ex makes?  If so, go to the child support calculator online and plug the numbers in - for 32 hours and for 40.  Quite frankly, I don't see how they can go for 40 hours given the economy, but who knows, right?  I don't know the link, but I think spinner posted it a while back on this forum.  Otherwise I've googled it and found it - should've bookmarked it!

As for the insurance reimbursement, now is the time to go for it!

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Hey Lucky

BM is in this self-business thing called 'action coach' so no idea, income is ??

Would prefer to stay out of court, just so tired of all the dramas with her.  My dh is not perfect in his dealings with her, as SM, I have had to take a few steps back and let him be the "lead dog" something that really chaps my a** when he doesn't deal with things right away!

Nonetheless, we plug away at being cival AND standing up for ourselves.  Will have to do more checking into the new law, and see if it is even worth it...times are tough with the economy and gas prices. 

How are things with you?