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Oct 03, 2023, 04:18:14 AM

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Is it illegal for opposite sex siblings to share a room?

Started by *iLUVmySD*, Mar 02, 2009, 10:27:10 AM

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My son is 5 and my stepdaughter is 9.  Due to the economy, we were thinking of renting out one of our three bedrooms to a long-time family friend and having the kids share a room.  Is it illegal for them to share a room? (We're thinking BM of SD might say so.)


Is SD there all the time? If not, maybe get a pullout couch for her in the living room?
Tough situation...SD is going to feel pushed out... i dont think it is illegal though...look it up in your state or call your local social services...


Yes, SD is here the majority of the time and spends school breaks and holidays with BM.  The kids actually spend all their time together anyways between their two rooms and usually sleep in the same room anyways.  It doesn't seem odd in any way to us or the kids because of their current dynamic but we feel like BM might try to make a stink.

I'm waiting for a response from our CPS contact, a caseworker that has seen us several times because of BM calling CPS on us with false allegations.  We'll see what he has to say, but I can't find anything in the law that says it's illegal.

I just want to make sure that it is not grounds for a change of custody.


I doubt that it would be illegal, but I would recommend proceeding with caution.  In addition to the fact that your SD is approaching an age where she'll be wanting more privacy anyway, adding another adult to the house is going to affect both children, and you and your significant other.

But, I also understand that sometimes finances dictate what must be done.  Maybe you could get a screen or some other type of room divider to help her feel like she still has her own space, and some measure of privacy.


Definately check with your state, I have heard that there is generally an age for children of different sex to no longer be able to share a room.  I understand your situation though and have had to get creative for us too.  Dad and I know sleep on the living room pull out couch so the kids have the room they need.