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Jul 14, 2024, 11:10:51 PM

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Started by johnny8398, Jul 28, 2009, 08:33:34 AM

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I have been denied my visitation rights by his mother, even though the court ordered this. I live in Kentucky and my son lives in Michigan, Bay City. Last year I lost my job, and was living with a friend, so when my son came up for the summer I sent him back with his mother early due to him having problems with the kids there and me not having a good foundation for him.
Now the mother is saying the child is having problems with this and is seeing a counselor and does not want to come here. His mother has tired something each year to stop him from coming, now its this.
Don't have the money to get a good lawyer for Michigan, and the Friend of the court says write a letter of complaint and we will see what we can do. Have a good foundation now. The child is ten.
Does anyone have a similar problem or have any good advice on this matter.


Johnny,  What state jurisiction ordered the most recent custody (visitation) arrangement.

All parties must follow and comply with those orders and there is really nothing that can be done judicially until a party does not comply with the order.  The court order must be followed until it is changed by a court which typically is not easy with out substantail change in circumstances.

It is probably not best to contact Michigan authoritives  if the order originated in KY.


The courts will start considering the wishes of a child around the time they get to 12 or 13, before that the child is not considered to have any input into visitation - unless there are safety concerns.

Have you tried filing for contempt?