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Started by newohio, Oct 07, 2009, 11:08:22 AM

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never married
support in place
motion for parental rights filed

now what happens?   is there a pre-trial ?
how long do custody cases take?
what happens with gal?

etc etc etc ???



well, i was shocked

attorneys & magistrate only (we sat in waiting area)  set visitation

just like that!

2 nights per week, 1 night everyother weekend;  for a 2 year old

sorry, but i think that too much for that age

the court also appointed a guardian ad litem

Does anyone have any advise with the gal??   

back to court in 60 days


2 nights per week and 1 night every other weekend and you thinks that's too much for a 2 year old?

DH was awarded 1 week a month. Since they are in different states, the child gets to come to dad for 1 week amonth plus 2 seperate 5 day periods in the summer plus holidays on top of all of that. So no, your situation is not too much for a 2 year old.

Kids learn to adapt, they adjust to the routine. If you make this situation stressfuyl for the child then the child will be stressed. But if you can reassure to child that he/she will be fine with the other parent then the child will be relaxed and adjust very well to it.

I can tell you from experience that if the pattern is set to have the vists and then there is a sudden denial then that will be far more stressful then what is ordered.

I can understand the frustration. But every child needs both parents, no matter what the age.

I did week on week off with a 3 and 1 year old. They are now 10 and almost 13 and seem to be ok. Infact, they are far above ok.

As long as both parents are there for the child then time should be irrelivant.


newohio -

I wouldn't be worried.  My 10 month old does EOWknd and 2 day or evening visits during the week.  Talk to BM, perhaps see what the child's normal day is like and try to keep it as close as you can to alleviate confusion.  Either parent can't dictate what the other does during their parenting time but for the sake of your child it might help the transition.


thanks, but yes, i feel it's too much.

child just gets home in the evening to turn around and leave again.  twice a week

and at two... suddenly sleeping in a strange bed, in a strange place

i worry alot about it

and from what i understand this is temporary, until the gal evaluation and final court hearing, every thing could change again

have you any experience with gal?   


No experience with GAL.  Others in here have.  You may want to post this question in one of the main forums and not the state forums, you'll get more responses