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May 26, 2024, 01:41:29 AM

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Contacting Attorney

Started by NYParent, Oct 29, 2009, 02:12:25 PM

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Can I send a letter to the opposing party's attorney saying that any communication should come directly to me and NOT through my attorney?

BM is refusing to speak to me and will only speak through her attorney.  I don't want them send my attorney letters when they can easily send them to me (and I am not paying someone to read it, call me, and mail it).


You can, but they don't have to comply.

It's a common tactic for opposing attorneys to swamp the other side with so much paperwork that their bills go through the roof.  You have an agreement with your attorney - you can control it's terms.

Discuss this with your attorney.  You could ask that they just hold the letters in your file and you could pick them up on certain days to avoid all the costs associated with them.


Gemini- Thank you for your suggestion.  The problem is that my attorney is in TX and I'm in NY, so I can't just get things from him. 

I think I should have my attorney write a letter stating that all communication should be directly transmitted to me if they want a response.


NYParent;  For your consideration.   

The first action my out-of-state attorney took was to file for "special and limited appearance for jurisdictional purposes only".   He said the opposing party would constantly try to get the court and him involved with custody issues that are self defeating since the court lacked jurisdiction and they would do anything to gain jurisdiction.   

It seems the TX participants are, in essence, holding the child hostage until they get what they want.   

Hopefully the jduges will not consider this behavior as a workable solution.   


That's a good idea Davy.  I will speak to my attorney about that. 

I am also going to send her attorney a letter stating that if BM wants communication to occur through her attorney that she needs to forward me the contact information for her attorney here in NY as NY is the state that has jurisdiction and that I will not be communicating through him as he is not licensed in NY.