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Jul 14, 2024, 10:29:06 PM

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Good News!!!!!

Started by jakerr, Nov 03, 2009, 06:09:07 PM

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After a stressful night and day . I got the court to postpone our court date till after the holidays. Yea Me!!!!
I am hoping that is a good sign . Giving me more time to get more stuff together.

I contacted a PI and had decided to hire hime. He gave me some interesting info giving me food for thought. Has any one dealt with a PI and what do I look for. How much is his investagaion will be admissable in court?

I am hoping the longer I keep my child the better it is for me.

You talk about one happy camper right now. 

Thanks Jason   


Depends on what he finds out. You can call him to the stand if he gets pictures of things and he can state he took the pictures to get them into evidence. If he can find drug use, then you can ask for drug testing. What kind of things do you think might show up? Has the PI ever been in court to testify (will he be a good speaker for your case)? Many times you can use the things you find so you/your lawyer can go to the other side and say..."hey, look what we found out now...lets negotiate or we go to trial".

Not sure what you are paying this guy, but most of what they find you can do yourself (unless you need someone to follow her and find out things...)
Great job getting date pushed off!! Did they put a holiday schedule in the meantime?


What is it that you expect your private investigator to find that would be compelling enough an issue to score you major points in a custody hearing?
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