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Feb 20, 2024, 11:53:57 PM

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Can anything be done if the mother

Started by billievaughters, Dec 13, 2009, 03:44:47 PM

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I just found out that the mother of my children has been sending someone money in jail. Her mother's boyfriend is the one who told me. Can anything done about this? This is crazy. Her mother and her boyfriend told her not to come back until she has money to give to them since she is living off them free. They are very angry about this.



can you figure out who it was?

and how this person would negatively impact the child's life?

And then be very careful -- this subject backfired on someone I know because while the person HAS a criminal background, it didn't affect the child in anyway, shape, or form.....so the parent who cried wolf, didn't prevail and looked stupid.