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Jun 15, 2024, 04:23:13 AM

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3rd shift father with live in gf

Started by Newly divorced, Apr 06, 2011, 09:21:03 PM

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Newly divorced

I am a 3rd shift father going through a divorce.  I would like to get my children overnights during the week also.  My girlfriend is also my childrens godmother.  They have grown up with my gf since the day they were born.   I live in WI.  Is this something the courts will allow?  My children have their own rooms, toothbrushes, clothes everything they should have.


The first issue is what you are asking for?  Is it practical, agreeable with everyone and doable.  A lot of guys and girls seem to idealize a situation or the way things work only to find out they don't.  If the relationships become strained or changed what happens then.   I sometimes help people try and get them to write out what they want, then create a schedule that they can show and demonstrate how they see things will work.  If you can do this yourself all the better, otherwise find someone who will spend the time with you to brainstorm getting it down on paper.  YOU must include what if's and not's, hours and days, times and dates, holidays birthdays etc.   So that you cover every possible event you can think of.  In the long run if things are amicable then believe me you are more than half way there.  Your ultimate concern should be that the kids are well and truly taken care of in each and ever circumstance.  I am one of the unfortunate one's who got the opposite end of the stick, so from experience doing the paper work is the easiest way and often ends any problems if everyone agreed that the master plan is what is to be used as the decider if there are any changes.  And do remember if you do it this way, all parties interested should sign and date the document with witnesses to make it legal.  You will save yourself a bundle in the long run if there are any disputes.