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Sep 24, 2023, 09:47:38 AM

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7 years contentious custody problems.

Started by Andrew_S, May 10, 2011, 10:25:01 PM

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Hi All,  Standard combative ex wife with children now 6 and 7.  Personal problems with the ex are more medication related but I can't force her to take her pills as she has remarried and I always thought had moved on with her issues.  Over the years I have been through the mill, TRO's sex abuse and child abuse charges etc, but each time I have been lucky that despite her best efforts and usual fanatical efforts and perjurous or delusional nature to have me incarcerated or placed on supervised visitation despite no wrongdoing on my part she has not succeeded yet.  However I am now of course on the dry end of any finaces, the lawyers have anything I had of any worth and I lost my house.  The last trial I had revealed a lot more issues regarding problems that my ex has that I was unaware of and were a little disconcerting.  Nevertheless I got less than I expected at the trial but at least I thought she would give up and settle down, unfortunately that is not the case, when the trial was going she was reticent to let the kids go, but now that it is done she is back at it again with TRO's and denial of visitation.  The former GAL in the case basically was worse than the former spouse, lied and did everything to make my life hell in seeing the children.  I really do not know how unethical her behavior is in description but she was doing things against me that I thought these people were not allowed to do, and even telling the former spouse to do things quite openly.  So for all those who have these people who call themselves GAL's be very careful as they claim to be immune from any prosecution whatever they do.

However, I have always filed a police report when the kids don't turn up, always had accusations dismissed and have always attended to get the children for visitation even if I know they are not going to be there, while I have this documentation the judges who have these have ignored them, and continued the status quo.  Anyone have any further ideas or solutions, the last attorney I had told me to leave them alone until they are 18, the GAL has basically stated that the only solution is for me to terminate my parental rights.  But there must be another way.?