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Apr 23, 2024, 01:34:58 AM

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GAL Report

Started by Remi2, Jun 15, 2011, 04:19:46 PM

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Does anyone know once the GAL is finished with the investigation do both parents get a copy ofthe report and each parent's completed questionaire?  Both parents are pro se. 


Our GAL went to the trial and acted like a third lawyer for the kids. No written report was given. She asked her own questions and was able to talk to the judge on the kids behalf.


Both parents were given a copy of the report -- but nothing else. 

I think it was required to be given to us at least 10 days before court too, but don't really remember that part.

Different states, different rules...



In March, I filed a contempt petition against the other parent for items that were supposed to have been done in our original CO.  In retailation, the other parent made false allegations child abuse and neglect, denial of visitation and wants a change of custody.  Every dirty trick that CP's usually the mother do to NCP's in custody battles - the NCP, the father, is doing to me in my current situation.  The GAL was assigned and found no merit to the allegations of abuse or denial of visitation. 

As I stated in another post the NCP is a high conflict personality.  The GAL also went on to state that despite the numerous NCP emails were acrimonious, came across as elitist and legally threatening [to take away custody] that this was all a communication issue.  I personally disagreed (I did not voice my opinion to GAL when we spoke today). I send the NCP certified registered letters w/ return receipt requested and he refuses delivery.  He will not answer the phone.  So, the only form of communication is email and in return he sends those acrimonious hostile emails.  The GAL also told the NCP that he needed to tone down the emails and not to do some of the other things that he was doing. 

This is entire ordeal is so taxing and frustrating.   


O.K., I too experienced receiving communications from the EX#2 that contained inappropriate language.

Court too -- wanted to basically ignore it, but in the end, it surely didn't make HIM look good either.

Use priority confirmed delivery if you want to mail him something so he doesn't have to go get it and sign for it, and then print off the tracking information on the internet.

High conflict?  Stick to the facts, and in the long run, that will work for you....and for the kids.