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Dec 09, 2023, 05:44:55 PM

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Afraid of other parent..need help...

Started by fight4him, Aug 22, 2011, 12:37:08 PM

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A friend of mine lives in Ohio. She has been split from her live in boyfriend for 3 years now. Never married, his name is on the birth certificates. He gets them occasionally and gives money occasionally, depending on his mood (you all know how that is). He is threatening her life, has written numerous letters about what he is going to do to her. There was physical violence in the relationship but nothing documented. He repeatedly raped her and beat her. She finally got the courage to leave. She is afraid for her life. In the last 3 years he hasn't been around much and has been fairly calm, although still threatening her. Suddenly he is telling her he is going to "beat her head in to the ground" and other horrible things. She has restraining orders against him and has been to court several times but it seems to be a joke. She can't get any protection. The police were at her house this past weekend and told her to have weapons and use them if necessary, but not to shoot him in the back or it would be murder. @@ A small single woman out in the boonies with two small children (about 8 and 6 I think). The police should protect her, but it seems they aren't. Could she just up and move with them? There is nothing anywhere about visitation or anything. She never filed anything. It's not so much that she wants to keep the boys from him, she lets them go because she trusts he won't hurt them. It's her he wants dead. Now he is talking about doing whatever he can to make her proven unfit so she never sees them again. I know a lot of this is standard bullshit that the other parent pulls alot but she is beginning to make notes for the police. She has sent messages to certain friends telling them where to look if she comes up missing, where he could hide the body. I am seriously afraid for her life and would like to get some info for her. Please advise if you can. She has no job and no way to get an attorney.


No legal papers then she can move them. Can she go with family somewhere...enroll the kids in school somewhere else?
Only thing is...if he files now by him/them then the courts there will deal with it probably...(but since they were not married...idk..)


Also, start getting more proof. All phone calls go to voicemail. Do not respond to emails/texts.. Email about kids only-one sentence.


I agree with Ocean.

Also, at some point soon, your friend is going to need to file in court.

If she can prove the abuse, and get notarized letters, perhaps medical records, then it will at least be on record.

Its inevitable, the children will need to see their father.  Perhaps she can petition the court for supervised visitation, IF she has proof of the abuse.
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Kitty C.

If nothing else, she absolutely needs to get out of 'the boonies'....the ex BF can use that geographic to his distinct advantage.  She needs to be living somewhere that affords her better protection.  Living in the sticks lays her wide open to anything the ex has in mind, as it plays right into his ability to control the situation.  As long as she is deathly afraid in her own home, he maintains that control......
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Thanks everyone. I passed the info on to her.


All money she receives that's given to her directly IN THE STATE OF OHIO, is considered a gift.

It's in the code somewhere -- EX#3's divorce was in Greene County, and his original divorce stated this and had the reference -- but he's an EX, so he has his files, otherwise, I'd tell you where in the code.