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May 28, 2024, 08:01:41 PM

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I'm looking for my father

Started by missingdad, Oct 07, 2012, 07:23:38 AM

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When my parents divorced my mother took us kids, all now adults, and hid us from our father. A few years ago, I found out that he had been looking for us all these years. It has been over 30 years. We are trying to find him and our mother is not being helpful. We have tried everything we can think of short of hiring a private investigator. Any suggestions?


If you have his full name, you should be able to get an address for him and his family online, search people.
Is there any other family you can now ask?
Sad, your mother did this to you and your father. Hope you find him soon and the reconnection goes great!


I know his full name and his approximate age. I have an idea of where he is from. I remember him a little, I was 6 when my parents divorced. My brother and sister were younger so they have no memory of him. I have tried searching the internet. He has a common name, I have called many random people all across the country. I don't know who else to ask. My mom pretty much alienated us from anyone that could have helped. We grew up being told that our dad didn't want us but since I found out differently I have been looking for him. I'm afraid that if I don't find him soon it will be too late. He is probably close to 70 now.


Put your mother's information in those sites. Many of them pop up family members. Since they were married you may find his state at least. You do not know where they were divorced? (what state, town).
Here is one site but there are many:


sometimes....there are sites that include potential family members and that's how you know you have the right one.

can you start backwards with getting his birth certificate -- and that leads to Grandma and Grandpa -- and so on.

sometimes when you search on yourself -- other potential family members' names pop up.

Sometimes when you search on your mom -- names pop up.

I'm trying to remember what site it was -- maybe "mylife.com" -- where all my former sister in laws showed up and that's how I got their new married last names and stuff.

The internet is an amazing source of information.....don't give up!

Find your parent's marriage certificate....

Get your birthcertificate -- either one should give you HIS birthday and potentially, his place of birth.


I have searched for my parents' marriage license and divorce certificate. I haven't been able to find them. I have looked for my father's birth certificate, can't find that either. My birth certificate only has his age at my birth, no other info on him. I don't even know his parents' names and my mom just says she doesn't remember.


Put dad's info and the state/town from your birth certificate with his age. You may get a few you have to call or some family members pop up that you can search for.

You have some info, might be worth hiring someone. Call a few, they can probably sit at a computer and get it with a few paid websites and be worth it for you. 


How did you find out that he had been looking for you all these years? That might be the person to start with. I think it costs about $200 to get a name and address from a PI. I would dig up the money while searching on the internet. We found my son's birthfamily on facebook.
It's turning into its own disaster there.


The county in the state where the divorce happened should have it on file. Do you remember where you went to first grade?

What about mom's brother's and sisters/......and parents.....will they help?