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Jul 23, 2024, 03:57:52 AM

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Hey yall!

Started by graze, Dec 03, 2013, 06:35:09 AM

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I hope yall remember me. It's been a long time since I last checked in. I see some of the same old names are still here, wow! The ones that are still here after all these years are my heroes! Seriously! To put out the effort of helping people all these year is truly inspirational.

First of all I'm the guy that went through a nasty divorce and 8yr custody battle, two children, a son and daughter(oldest), son had cancer at age 6 and brain tumor at age 11, ex moved away, I finally won custody of both. Remarried, have 2stepson's, one stepdaughter, 4 grandkids.

Daughter graduated from state university magnum cum laude in Bio-Chem, graduated Med School, is now a M.D. in residency specializing Anesthesiology. Her residency program is local and she lives aprox. 30 mins from me. She is married and has a stepdaughter that is 13yrs old. It's really funny to listen to her complain to me and my wife(her stepmom) about the trials and tribulations of step-parenting and husband's ex wife.

Son, wow where do I start! Remember that son is a cancer survivor, survived a brain tumor and a stroke that left him a Hemiplegic(sp) or paralyzed one side. After gaining custody of at age 13, I enrolled son in a local small private academy. I told son the day he started school there, that he was going to do something to be apart of the school and he had 2weeks to figure it out. 1.5 weeks into the school he announced that he was going play in the school marching band and that he was going to play the big bass drum one handed and he wasn't going be required to march on the field. He played 4yrs of marching band and concert band. At graduation, he received a full scholarship to a local 2yr community college to play in their marching band. He graduated from the community college and enrolled in a expensive local private university. He wanted to study education and be a teacher. He did not do well grade wise, too much extra activities. I had him enrolled to go to a state university(much cheaper) at the Christmas break. He went to his mom's for the Christmas holidays (9hrs away) and his mom as usual brainwashed him into staying with her and attending college there. As it stands to day, he is 25yrs old(probably the mental capacity/maturity of a 16yr old) he lives with his mom and stepdad in a 28' travel trailer, has no car, no cell phone, no medical insurance and has been talked into obtaining student loans that I firmly believe that ex using for her personal benefit. This is a very brief history. I could tell war stories of all trials and tribulations that have occurred since I have had custody of son.

As always Thanks!