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Oct 03, 2023, 03:54:49 AM

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"Pink Dreams Shattered Lives!"

Started by ymakemew8t, Jan 23, 2014, 06:49:17 PM

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I'm praying for all of us on this site fearing child custody battles we as mother's thought we would never face. I want this post to explain concerns that could help in similar situations. "Pink Dreams Shattered Lives" a story of falling in love with X and the corporation of a  the family that's sold products to women all over the world to empower women like us not to have to deal with abuse. We will call the main character in my story X . My X and I before having children hit the clubs from sun up til sun down at sometimes. One day I looked at him and said, "hon, where do you want to go in this relationship'? 

We talked as if it seemed we wanted the same things....  we have to stop going out acting as if we were single to start a family. The relationship was still quite new I realized, that I had married a full blown alcoholic. A stay at home mom while X was out at the topless bars hanging out with women coming in all hours of the night drunk picking fights that would leave me scared and alone with one toddler and one brand new baby. He was so violent he has pulled guns shot them and aiming them in my direction to calm parties. (We never found the bullet) Being in public in Colorado Spring walking into a resteurant punching me in the face after my brother not 5 minutes before grabbing him off of me between two beds beating me up in front of our children and my brothers children. 

Surprised leaving our children and my brother up in the mountains with no credit card no money and no gas to get his family home. Hotels kicking us out while I was pregnant grabbing me in such force ripping my arm that my tennis bracelet gashed my arm hiding from the police. Arresting him I am wondering the streets of Houston to find the jail and waiting out on a bench all night for him to be released from the station. Years later Divorce is in the making, I'm fed up with the beatings and the late night out with the topless girl he decided to party with and situation  altogether.

I filed and the courts awarded me with sole managing conservator that he had to have supervised visitation if found drinking up to one year or until I thought he was ok to see them with the order from the court.  Time goes on until one day I met a very nice man I later fell in love with and since he was six years my junior with a trucking business my father went mad and to him finding out that I was dating his friends grandson he came and ask me one day to lease my property to him for ten years and he would give me his approval.

In the middle of this madness my mother came to me and told me she didn't think my father (her husband) ever loved me and my response was....Then why did you let him abuse us? She started crying and shortly there after left me wondering. Yes! My mother and father were not the nicest people on earth but still to us they were Mom and Dad. On a good note...We loved them cause that was the way that we were raised. In the wreck I was living in with my dad trying to cause his havoc my current boyfriend and his sister and a friend went to the lake.

We started throwing mud balls at each other and not realizing the distance between my boat I bent down my boyfriend was about to throw mud so I tried to get a big ball of mud in my hand to throw getting excited I hurried to throw it and in my surprise turned around and ran right into my boat. Blacking my eye immediatly. So here goes my boyfriend got mad cause I didn't pay attention and cause myself a little grief. So now he is through and gets mad and left me out at my house alone with his sister so I called X and said hey ... I need to talk and actually I needed him to come down and not to think that what he was going to see was I hit my my boyfreind and he did.

When he arrived he saw my eye and my boyfriends sister noticed something too. X was drunk. He ask to talk to me alone and my boyfriends sister said NO! When your drunk you have been known to beat me up. So X pushed her down the stairs and when he did that was asked to leave. The people he came with a guy and a women. The women gets out of the car and starts advancing towards me and I started walking towards her and told her she had forgotten where she was at but by no means was going to whoop me there on my own property. So they left. My boyfriend gets home to find out his sister was assaulted but I told them there was something far more to worry about then a little scrape.

Mom and dad was going to be on there way in about an hour I said with allegations from Rick that my boyfriend beat me up. So my boyfriend goes in the house and gets a gun. We all sat on the front porch like vultures waiting to eat. Twenty minutes passed thirty minutes and HEAD LIGHTS. Mom and dad couldn't wait to come out there to get rid of my boyfriend once and for all. We all scattered inside and when they pulled up they saw shadows of me running to the kitchen as if we didn't notice them coming. They walked in my house and said....Everybody out this is not a shack home. They were right it was my home.

Them just entering my home upset me demanding my guest to leave I started to explain my boyfriend did not cause my injury that it was a boating accident and asked nicely for them to go home that I was alright. Went to the front porch and while still demanding and arguing with my boyfriend and his sister Travis yelled out....WHO'S HOUSE IS THIS ANYWAY? My dad went over and pushed him over my front porch railing. So then he turned and started towards my boyfriend and he pulled his gun and said...Mr. Thorn STOP! my dad advanced and he took the gun and pointed it away from my father and said Mr. Thorn that was a warning shot! Please leave!

He did and left my mother there. And Oh my! My boyfriend and his girlfriend and my mom were going at it with words and the one thing that got to my mom was my boyfriend spoke up and said You see all this its mine now you take your fat bum and leave here. At that time we knew what they were up to. Not much later I find out I'm pregnant and was so excited about having another baby we broke up and the reason was he was tired of seeing my family hurt me the way they were doing. Before he left he said my parents didn't want us together that they wanted everything I had. In denial I knew it wasn't true. So dad kept on with him coming to the house threatening me and mom acting as if she was there but truly wasn't.

They had been talking to my x on ways to get control of everything I owned. I worked with Hawaiian Tropic for years doing trips and recruiting girls to do the pagaents as well decided I needed a break and had an opportunity at hand so who do you turn to MOM. She said she would watch my babies and being a registered nurse and in the hands of my mom that wouldn't ever try and hurt me called C.P.S on my return cause I was gone an extra day which was day four said I abandoned my children. In the state of Texas abandonment its up to a year with the family having the where about's of a mother or ways to contact them. C.P.S ask I leave my children until further investigation in which there wasn't one. I went to the office and spoke with the social worker and tried explaining it was all for money and control.

She looked at me like I was some quack. And I'm sure I sounded like one. But now I knew the worst was just beginning. So the day in court for temporary custody my attorney came to me and ask me if I had the thousand dollars owed to him which I didn't and also said we were going to call for a postponement I didn't need witnesses to come went off my case that day and they called ready and I signed temporary rights to my mother. After the proceedings I noticed it said supervised and my brother being the supervisor which never one time did he ever supervise a visitation I mentioned to my mother and her response was the court messed up that my X was supposed to have supervised visitation but never corrected it and told me that she has to honor the court order or my X would file against her.

She stuck with the order except she was taking my kids to my X and his girlfriend and dropping them off to them and driving an hour so he got to see our children.. My  X was paying for the taxes to my children's estate ordered by the court and since I didn't have the children any longer having to pay the taxes. Then I'm hit with forclosure and the first person that came to me was guess who..... MOM! Sign the deed over I will be the trustee of your estate and once I sell it I will take what I put into the home off the top and give you the remainder so you can buy another house.

At the time of signing we agreed to sign it over with the initial agreement and she would also pay me ten thousand dollars at signing but only gave me three thousand at signing two days later said sue me for the remainder.. Oh! The baby that I was pregnant with I was told that they didn't want the Bastard child in their home that I needed to abort it. Against my will I pleaded, Please don't make me do this! They day of the abortion I thought how could I possibly stop this from happening so I left my purse, wallet, credit card, at home went down to Dallas to have an abortion I told her my wallet wasn't present and she threw down her credit card and said....you owe me and seen to it that i had it been done.

So thirteen years later..... doctors discovered I had four tumors on my lungs and had an invasive surgery of upper lobectomy of the left superior lobe to be removed and while I'm going through the scare of cancer it was time that the kids could decide where they wanted to go. Mom mediates my children to my X known spousal abuser and the courts awarded him the discretion on when I get to see my children. Although I am possessory conservator I have not seen, spoken to, or heard from my children in almost four years.

I thought that this nightmare was over but now without a job due to health reasons no home cause once the house sold my mother never gave me a dime. So now what? Please help if there is anyone out there that reads this I need any help or advise anyone has to offer. Please feel free to respond to this matter. Please God Grant Me Release!

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You need to beak it up into paragraphs and use correct punctuation.  It's very difficult to read and I didn't even get past the part about a toddler and baby.  I will continue to read it but paragraphs make it much easier to read.
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I've read through it and am not sure exactly what you're asking for.  It seems as if this happened over a decade ago.  So, answer these questions succinctly (that means clearly, simply and without rambling). 

1) How old are the children?
2) Who has custody?
3) How long have they had the children?
3) How old is the latest court order?
4) What would you like to happen? (ie. increased visitation, unsupervised visitations, change of custody, etc.)
The wonderful thing about tiggers is I'm the only one!


Done. :)

Quote from: tigger on Jan 24, 2014, 09:42:29 AM
You need to beak it up into paragraphs and use correct punctuation.  It's very difficult to read and I didn't even get past the part about a toddler and baby.  I will continue to read it but paragraphs make it much easier to read.
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My children are fifteen and seventeen. They are currently with their father. I have been very I'll, I would want joint if not full conservator for the simple reason they have ripped thirteen years from my life with my children.
Quote from: Waylon on Jan 24, 2014, 10:29:53 AM
Done. :)

Quote from: tigger on Jan 24, 2014, 09:42:29 AM
You need to beak it up into paragraphs and use correct punctuation.  It's very difficult to read and I didn't even get past the part about a toddler and baby.  I will continue to read it but paragraphs make it much easier to read.


To be very honest, you will not get custody unless the kids came willingly to your house. Can you contact the kids through social media for contact? Facebook, instagram, twitter? Can you send a letter to kids by way of another family member and see if they will give it to them.

You can contact the kids school and get information that way. Use the form from this site to ask for all their records. It will have their address and phone number and then send a letter to them asking if they would like to communicate with you. Offer to meet at a counselors office ? Public place ?

At their ages, they will not enforce visitation so if they do not want to see you , it will not work. Some have asked for visits at therapist to get through some situations.

Court- You could file at family court near them and ask for a modification of the visitation (parenting) plan. Ask for "mother requests that court ordered therapy visits be ordered between her and the girls to re-connect and a parenting plan be made that the courts/therapist see fit". 

How far away are you from them? If you are states away or long distance, money for travel comes into this all too.