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feeling full of guilt

Started by jenipoo127, Jan 28, 2015, 06:43:14 AM

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am I wrong for not leaving my home, my husband,my job etc, and everything because my 14 year old daughter wants me to leave and move in with them and my ex mother in law?????

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I think a bit more information is needed before we can offer advice or an opinion. 

1) What's the distance between where you live and where your child lives?
2) How long since the divorce?
3) How long since the remarriage?
4) What makes her think you could live with your exMIL?  I get along GREAT with my exMIL and exFIL and have stayed with them during storms and such (with my kids) but I wouldn't move in with them.

With just the info you've given, I'd say no, you're not wrong for dropping everything and leaving a marriage for what would likely be a very uncomfortable situation and for only 4 years.  It would be much easier (though not from a 14 year old's perspective) for her to drop everything and come live with you. 
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