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May 21, 2024, 07:49:29 AM

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What Mothers Must Do to Get Custody

Started by dr.jennybekeschus, Jun 04, 2015, 08:46:20 PM

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WARNING: This post is obvious flamebait, and the advice in it should NEVER be followed. The mentally-disturbed person who wrote this post was simply trying to stir up trouble and get people upset. Never follow the "advice" given here or the court will almost certainly make sure you never get custody of your children.

Mother's, here are some tried and true tactics to ensure full custody of children and to expunge the Father totally out of the life of your children.

I have successfully over time been able to steer away my two daughters from their unneeded relationship of their father ("Martin D" (not his real name)). I would prefer to call that man the "sperm" donor, as I am doing my utmost to totally wipe any influence / positive memory he may have had on my daughters, and to program / educate my girls to understand that men / fathers are not only unnecessary, but are not desirable.

If you were like me and were facing the possibility of sharing your children with your ex due to a custody dispute, let me share some of the tactics that worked very well for me. Remember, it's your word (the mother) vs his ... the courts will go with your word every time.

First thing you must remember is the court's first priority is for the safety of the children. After you get over this hurdle, it's home free ... and you must act first!

1. Get a good lawyer. Make sure she is also female and is scrupulous & has a good track record. Spare no expense!

2. Run, to the court and get an emergency restraining order ... just tell them you fear for the safety of the children, or that you fear he (father) is planning to kidnap the children. This worked for me ... it was easy. But, you MUST play your part ... act scared and upset .. be frantic .. esp in front of the children .... they will buy into your fear also. It is important to enroll your children as early as possible into this process.

3. Tell the children about the order - that their dad "has been a very, very bad man" and they are to no longer to trust him. Make sure they know it is for their safety!

4.) During father access days, I told my children never to get into his car, never leave the immediate access drop off area, never let him go to the bathroom with them (better to ask a female stranger). I often stayed at the drop off area in incognito but in visual range at all times.) No matter what the court access order states, remember you are the mother and you must take total control.

5.) Remember, young minds are easily open to suggestion. Just be subtle, consistent and patient. Since young minds are more suggestible just before sleep, while in bed with them just before they drift off, calmly remind them why daddy left them (that he left for another women ... As they become older even provide age appropriate details about the sex he may have had with that 'other' woman while he was living in the same house as mommy ), that he can not be trusted, why he no longer has the capacity to love them. Even ask them questions like "did Daddy ever touch you in the private parts?" It may take several years but it will pay off!

A few proven tactics I used during family case conferences:

> I quickly went to work with my lawyer and presented photos of my children that I took when they much younger (in the diapers) playing in a neighbor's lawn water sprinkler, and used this as evidence to the photos were inappropriate.

> I found an old computer hard drive in a closet (he used to fix and work on computers) and had this scanned and found it had adult sex websites listed on it. I even hired a PC guy who remotely hack into his business computer which was at his office - but nothing was found that I could use.

> While I was at my office, I viewed his facebook page and found a facebook advertisement on separate ad section of facebook called "XXXXblackbook" website. I was sure he must own this website, so copies were made for court.

> My lawyer did a great job to ensure the judge had a questionable doubt about the safety of the children.

The judge granted him access rights but that was easily controlled by me. The court never enforced the order so I easily could "miss" a drop off day and I would just report that he did not show. I would even tell my children it was his fault. This only added to the belief that daddy did not care for my the children anymore.

As my girls became older I still had to minimize contact with the father, even though he now lived overseas. My youngest child was easy to control, but my oldest become more and more curious about the father and would Skype him often. Since I knew I was losing control as she became older, this is where it was time for the years of programming / education to kick in.

Years and years of subtle / unconscious suggestions can manifest into what will appear as real memories of being a sexual victim. By this point, my work was complete as any doubts the children may have had about my negative comments about "daddy" will finally be put to rest once and for all.

Once there are any doubts of child sexual abuse put into the minds of the children and authorities .. it is game over for him.

Mothers, it's War. Men are Evil. It's a fact. Sure. it's nice if they help with the rearing of the children, and provide money, but they must never forget they are disposable and must tow the line. They can not be trusted, they must be controlled. If they can not be controlled they must be eliminated. Totally.

Mothers - do what you must to keep our children safe.

Jenny B (not my real name)


Children need both parents in their lives.  Your post is divisive and not conducive to parents working together for the benefit of the children, regardless of their feelings for the other parent.  Don't want a man in your child's life?  Don't have a child with him.
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Understand that this can be used both ways....when a dad comes here to read it....he can implement the same things.

TOTALLY against everything I believe in -- and I think many others would disagree with you too.

Please don't start trouble here -- we know where the delete and block functions are and they don't just exist on Facebook.

HELP....don't instigate.


I find the original poster highly offensive and should have her children removed from her custody....she is NOT a fit parent!

What she is doing is punishing her children due to her own personal feelings toward the father.  She has NO RIGHT to interfere with the relationship her children has with their father...that to me is highly disgusting!!!

Perhaps the Mods need to remove this post?
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I agree Giggles, I tried not to respond to this post. Children need BOTH their parents and that post clearly shows she is not a fit parent. One day her children will be over 18 and not in her custody/control and want to look for the other parent.


I read this post as a person writing in with what had been done to him/her. It seems very sarcastic and angry; not a victory posting at all.
I also see this as a fine example of how a divorce can escalate to the point of one parent doing this to the other with no regard or feeling for his/her children. Maybe it should be pinned or archived as an example of what NOt to do.
This was done to me in my divorce by my non-custodial ex husband- not to the full extent, but I recognized a lot of what he had done 20 years ago. It has echoes today from our 24 year old son who is still coping with the fallout.

Kitty C.

I would consider this advice of what NOT to do regarding child custody. :P
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Along with the WARNING at the top of this thread let me first express thanks (probably Waylon) for the ressurrection of this thread.  I believe the driving force for posters on this site is to help others by giving advice from life experiences .... so it would naturally follow this thread to be "giving advice".

I considered the so-called "advice" a FARCE and a DEMAND to throw back to the days when mothers were awarded sole custody 97.5% of the time.   It is a request for a model of child abuse/neglect as well as both civil and criminal interference of the custody of children.

As previously posted the purposed thoughts and directions/tactics are at the very essence of why this board exists.

This father gained custody because he focused entirely on the well-being of the children (their entire lifes) and the enemy functioned in the purposed thoughts and tactics in this thread (plus).  My primary endeavor was against the system that allowed and promoted the absence of protecting the children.


We all know many of the unnecessary and often unspoken lasting pains children and parents were/are forced to endure in their depleted lives through no fault of their own. 


Good to see these replies.
Mothers can be helped on their own also with some of the matters by knowing its own rights and the laws towards the particular custody.
And yes it important for both the parents to have the right towards the child. But due to some reasons, they can't.
So for any reasons, you can have yours droit through legisocial.fr