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Jun 15, 2024, 02:45:49 PM

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Re: Temporary Guardianship Question

Started by desperate for answers, Aug 23, 2015, 12:21:07 PM

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desperate for answers

good day and thank you for taking the time to read my post and hopefully give me some insight as to what am I doing right or wrong. I currently have a temporary pfa against my child's other parent. The PFA states  that unsupervised visits may take place at times and dates approved by me. Due to recent found evidence against the defendant I now feel as if my child's well being is at risk. I know I have to go to court to modify the PFA and seek full custody which I just did, but in the meantime my attorney sent a letter to the defendant and their attorney telling them that I purpose to have supervised visits with someone of my choosing? I know there is nothing wrong for sending the letter but the defendant has asked to see our child and I agreed for visitation with the exception that the visit has to be supervised. The defendant has declined each and every time this has been brought up. I have offered the defendant visits when they have not asked and I have offered the defendant to go too child/parent therapy as a extra day a week of visitation with said child. All of which were declined. Now I the plaintiff am being threatened by defendant and attorney that I am in contempt of court by denying defendant unsupervised visits as the court order states. I AM NOT DENYING defendant from seeing our child I just want the visits supervised. ANY INSIGHT?


FYI -- I just split your post from the other thread because it deserves it's OWN thread and feedback or advice.



When is next court date? It will be dealt with then...keep evidence in writing on when you offered supervised time. It can be at a public place -library , park so other parent is on neutral ground. Follow up phone calls with text or email confirming dates and times offered. You can use anyone to supervise, bring child to and from place and stay in distance to make sure child stays in that facility and need be call 911 if they leave.
Until the court date on xx, child will be available for supervised visits at xx on the following dates and times. Please let me know at your earliest convenience on the dates that work for you. If you have alternative dates/times, please let me know and I will try to work around your schedule. My mother will be bringing xx to xx and returning her to me for these visits. xx would love to see you.
Thank you
If you email , cc her lawyer 

desperate for answers

thank you for the reply. Although not a worrisome person by nature this has me rattled beyond belief. I and the 3rd party the defendant has to use as means of making arrangements to see our child keep each and every item sent or received from all parties in question. The defendant was offered a visit recently and was told it would be a supervised visit. The defendant said they'd like to spend time with said child but only if unsupervised as the court order states. So henceforth the visit did not occur. By defendants own admission they refuse to see said child unless unsupervised. So they are denying themselves visitation. With so much on my plate and not being able to talk to my attorney as often as I would like the waiting is eating at me. Loss of sleep and appetite as well as health problems arising due to the stress I am under.