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Jul 17, 2024, 09:38:30 AM

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N Docket (tompkins county if it matters)

Started by Gypsy, Aug 27, 2015, 06:17:47 PM

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long story short...(hopefully)

my stepdaughter's baby was taken away before she left the hospital with her because she beat her last baby (7 month old micro preemie)...anyway...baby was in foster care for a bit...now we have her...cps wouldnt agree to flat out custody without their involvement...so we got the next best thing...N Docket...they are still involved and they "supervise" but it seems like it isnt much different then foster care, other then they dont pay us anything. i have searched high and low and cannot find anything that tells me what my rights are...or what limits they have...the workers involved in our case are very difficult to work with, they manipulate, each one tells a different story...i could go on forever...i have made it so that most correspondence is in email...giving me a record of all conversations. they have this thing where everyone says something different...and i want it on record. but i dont know when they are bullying me or when i really do have to follow what they say.

anyone know anything about this or where i can get information? all i seem to be able to find is stuff that says its family placement and we have custody, but they supervise...what does that mean exactly? of course they arent going to tell me.
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